What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


13. Prototype Ch. 13 - Wake the Dead


I had the strangest dream last night. It was far too strange to have been real.
I was standing in the middle of a field; everything was dark except for the golden poppies surrounding me. They glowed as if they were the only source of light in the whole universe.
It was then that lights began to fly by quickly in the sky, shooting stars that went from white, to all the colors of the rainbow.
It was beautiful and I felt I may have died and went to heaven, where I would finally have peace.
But like every other peaceful moment I had, it was interrupted.
Lucian stepped out of the shadows, the flowers surrounding him turned black before wilting. Pain filled my chest and all I could do was stare at him as he came closer.
"Why are you here?" I asked him confused.
He didn't say anything, he just stopped right in front of me, his eyes looked almost hateful.
"I thought you said you would never spend another moment alone with me?"
His gaze shifted around, almost paranoid.
"Lucian?" I asked "Are you alright?"
"Your hand" he said low "You're bleeding."
I looked down, and sure enough blood was pouring down my wrist and falling from my hand.
"Let me see" he held his hand out for mine.
I wasn't sure if I should, I didn't feel any pain so why should I bother him with this?
But he pulled my hand up to examine it.
"Why did you do this to yourself?" he asked low.
I stared at my wrist, the word LIAR was written big in all caps.
"But I didn't..."
"You promised me you wouldn't cut yourself anymore."
I just stared. He looked angry, his grip tightened and I winced at the new found pain.
"You are the liar" he growled.
I shook my head "I didn't lie!"
He pulled my other wrist forward and examined it.
I stared "I didn't do that either!"
His glare became more intense.
His head went back and his gaze went to the sky.
"You will regret it."
"What?" I asked him.
His head coming back down, to face me "You will regret it."
"What did I ever do to you?!" I demanded.
His grip tightened "You lied to me; you deserve this more than anyone!"
I was about to ask why. What was he talking about?
My wrists began to burn, but once I looked at his hands I knew why. Fire burst from his fingers and my arms began to turn to dust.
"No!" I screamed "Please stop!"
"I will never stop!" he growled "Not until you feel the pain I've felt!"
He placed his hands on my face before smiling that painful smile, and placed a kiss on my lips.
"You will be no more" he whispered.
And just like that I went up in flames with the rest of my paradise.

~ <> ~

I sat in my room, my wrists still ached. If it was just a dream, then why did my wrists hurt so bad?
It had to mean something didn't it?
Nothing happens for no reason! Dreams have hidden meanings, things my heart wants that I'm not aware of.
But what was it that my mind wasn't aware of?
Lucian being one of my desires was obvious, but in the last two weeks of him not talking to me or even looking at me, this is what I'm reduced to? Him coming into my dreams to insult and kill me?
A sigh escaped my lips as I laid back down. If only I could talk to him.
But another thing I didn't understand was my urge to break my promise to him.
He never told me anything like he promised he would, so why should I keep my promise?
I got to my feet to make my way to the bathroom.
Luckily for me Violet went to lunch with Ariel and Brock, that way I had the room to myself.
I wasn't sure how long I stared at the razor, it just didn't feel right.
But he deserved to know how much he hurt me, that way he would take a second look at me. I hate him, I hate him!
I'll say it until my heart believes it.
He wants to call me a liar, then I will gladly accept that word. I extended my left arm so I could look at it, it looked sad. All the cuts from my muggle past, but it means nothing now, not here.
Here I am nothing but scum, I am lower than dirt. I am an abomination.
Before I knew what I was doing I felt the sting of the razor on my skin. The letter L waiting for the rest of itself.
And as much as I promised myself I would never let someone else hurt me, or engrave a scar on my skin. But I am I liar, I lied to myself and sure enough, I would deserve every scar on my body.
LIAR was now a part of me, a mark in which I had to live with until the end of time.

~ <> ~

Again I found myself in my bed, was I waiting for something?
I sat there staring at the bandages I wrapped around my wrist, for now I could hide.
A light knock on the door snapped me out of my trance.
I was up in seconds pulling a sweater on, if Violet knew she would kill me.
"Hey" I greeted after I calmed down for a second.
"Tonight we have to set up camp outside of the school borders" Ariel said as she came up behind Violet.
Fear went through me as her gaze went from my eyes to my wrist. She could smell the blood; from her actions just now I was certain.
"So?" Violet asked "Sounds good right?"
I shrugged "Tonight?"
They both nodded.
I nodded quickly "Sounds good to me."
Tonight was Friday, and tomorrow would be the start of Spring Break.
"Then get packing, and dress warm" Ariel said before walking out quickly.
I looked at Violet who just smiled at me.
"You OK?"
I nodded "I think I'm just tired or something."
She shrugged "That makes sense."
"So we get ready" she said happily "Time to save those stupid kids."
I couldn't help but smile, Violet sure has changed since we've been here.
I was proud of her.

~ <> ~

It was time.
We had a tent built near the entrance, and three on the side.
Violet and I to one, Zero and Zane to one, Ariel and Brock to one, and the last one had Juliet and Landon.
I sat in a chair outside our tent staring into the large field. It reminded me of my dream, and then my arm.
"Jade" Violet sat on my lap giggling.
"Really Violet?" I asked looking up at her.
"I love you" she smiled.
I rolled my eyes, a smile on my face too.
"So how are you?"
I shrugged "I'm alright, how about you?"
"I feel strangely confused."
"Confused how?" I asked her.
"Can I tell you something?" she asked "Promise you won't say anything?"
I looked at her "Why would I say anything?"
She bit her bottom lip "You might think I'm... Gross."
"Gross?" I asked her confused "What are you talking about?"
"Just because."
I stared at her "Did you think I was gross" I hesitated "After what happened?"
She shook her head furiously "No, never."
I smiled "Then how could I find something about you gross?"
She smiled as she wiped at her eyes "Gosh I'm glad."
"Out with it" I hissed.
She looked around to make sure no one else heard "Do you know why Juliet is here?"
"I thought we were talking about you being gross?"
"Just answer the question."
I shrugged "She wants to help us."
"So then she isn't dating Landon?"
I shook my head "No, they are just friends, why?"
Her face went red.
"Violet?" I asked.
"Because I like her OK?"
I couldn't help but smile "Really?"
"Don't laugh, please" she said low.
"I'm not laughing; I'm just surprised that’s all."
She glared at me "Is that a bad thing?"
I shook my head "No, I just thought that you were with Lucian, that's all."
She shook her head "No I'm sorry I lied, I just didn't want you to look at me any differently."
"Why would I?" I asked her "I liked Lucian; you just pissed me off."
I cannot believe I just said that.
"I knew it!" she said happily.
"Shush" I hissed.
"I'm sorry" she frowned.
"So then you were never alone with him?"
She nodded "I just overheard a few conversations that’s all. I only guessed that you liked him I wasn't sure."
I shrugged "I just didn't want to admit it."
My thoughts went back to Ariel telling me that she overheard them in the girls bathroom.
"So let me get this straight" I began "You and Lucian were never together?"
She nodded "He always glared at me, and he yelled at me too."
I frowned "He's a little rough around the edges that’s all."
She smiled.
"So then you never had sex with him?"
She looked at me confused "Who the hell told you that?"
I shrugged "I got a note" I lied.
"No I never did, he was a jerk."
I felt relieved, but why did Ariel lie to me?
It was to protect me, yeah that's definitely why.
It was darker now than it had been in a long time, the moon was hidden by a thick layer of clouds.
"I wonder if kids will actually come."
I shrugged "I'm not sure, but I hope they don't."
"How do you do it?" she asked after a minute.
"Do what?"
"Lucian is the bad guy Jade, you know that don't you?"
I nodded "But more than anything I wish he wasn't"
She smiled, I knew why too. She was glad that we were talking about our feelings.
"Do you still like him?" she asked.
I shrugged "Would it make sense if I said I hated him?"
She shook her head "You probably love him, but he hurts you without realizing it."
I just stared towards the sky.
"So have you ever really talked to him?"
I looked at her "Have you told Ariel that you like Juliet?"
She shook her head quickly "No, and I won't."
I nodded "So then you have to promise you won't tell her anything I say alright?"
She nodded "Why would I? I miss these moments alone with you."
I glared at nothing for a minute "Yeah I've talked to him before, several times."
She smiled "And?"
"He saved me from a Vampire my first day of school."
Her expression changed "So then you didn't really fall?"
I shook my head "No."
"So? What else!" she demanded.
"He saved me more than once" I confessed "I really hate him."
I felt like crying.
"He was mean to you?"
I nodded "Remember when you dressed me up?"
"And you never came back from the bathroom?"
I nodded "Well I didn't want to come back because my make up was ruined."
"Did he make you cry?"
I hesitated before nodding.
She looked mad "That bastard."
"But he has helped me, he must be bipolar or something" I stated.
She looked at me odd "How so?"
"One minute he is nice, then the next he is ripping my face off."
She scowled "I wish I could tear him a new one."
I smiled "I wish you could too."
And as if on cue, we saw a light from the other side of the field, then another, and another. Kids actually came, but why would they when they knew it wasn't safe?
My eyes stayed on the lights, I could see at least seven, but the rest looked blurred together.
Just how many were really there?
Ariel was fast to get to us.
"Do you guys see them, the lights?"
I nodded as Violet stared passed Ariel, at Juliet.
Part of me thought it was cute, the other part fought the urge to roll my eyes.
"How many are there?" I asked.
"Too many" Brock stated "Maybe I should just scare them away."
I was in the process of nodding my head when Ariel spoke.
"We can't do that; it's too dangerous."
"How?" I asked "He has a good idea."
"Because" she stated "Once Brock changes the others will know the humans are coming."
I wanted to tell her that she was wrong, but I really had no idea just how far ahead the other side was.
Violet didn't seem at all like she cared, and that kind of got to me. How could she not? I understand how she feels believe me, but she had no idea if Juliet liked her or not.
No guarantee that she is safe from harm.
"Hold on" Ariel's hand went up for us to quiet down "Someone else is out there."
Someone else like who?
Her gaze was fixated on the crowd of lights.
In my dream there were lights!
There is no way in hell that would be a coincidence.
Ariel covered her nose.
"What is it?" I asked.
"They are trying to bait us" Brock growled.
What the hell was wrong with these damn kids? Do they have a death wish? Why?
It was then that the first scream broke out.
"Shit!" Brock yelled before running out.
"What's he doing?" Violet asked panicked.
"Looks like we really weren't the first ones out here" Ariel said low.
Oh no. NO!
I couldn't watch all the lights scattering.
Some lights dropped to the ground, immobile now.
"Oh god" Juliet squeaked "What do we do?"
Violet was the first to her side. I wonder what Juliet would think once she knows...
Another loud scream broke out; this time Ariel and Zane ran to the lights.
How many people did Lucian have out there? This was practically a blood bath!
There was nothing I could do but watch.
Or wait, maybe if I...
Before my mind registered what my body was doing I was off.
I was no where near as fast as everybody else, but I refused to stop. People like me were there. Curious teens that were too afraid to speak up about the punishment given to the Vampires.
I ran to the nearest light, a boy stared wide eyed at me.
"Stay away!" he yelled.
"Relax" I held my hands up defensively "I won't hurt you!"
"You're a liar!"
"I'm human too, I swear."
His glare softened "I remember you."
I stared blankly at him.
"You were in the papers not too long ago; you survived over a month here."
I stared, was this for real?
"People back home are rooting for you guys."
"Come with me" I said.
He nodded and a boy and a girl came out of the trees behind him.
He was willing to die for them?
I had to get them out of here, and I had to do it now.
“Where do we go now?” he panicked.
I looked around before moving back towards the trees “Go back where you came from, never come back here.”
“We were invited” he said “Someone said they could get us in.”
I looked at him “What do you mean?”
“Well there is this site online” he shrugged “They give us information about Vampires; they said they could help turn us.”
I glared at him now “Are you kidding me?”
They shook their heads.
“Then why are you running away?” I demanded “You came here to let them feed off you?”
They exchanged looks.
“Is that why you… god” I had to look away from them.
“Why do you think we all cut our wrists?” the girl asked “And now you’re with us, this should be great.”
Fear shot through me, was this a set up? How the hell would they know that I would be here?
I tried to run, but they were faster.
My head hit the ground and a weight sat on top of me.
“Now what will you do?” he laughed “You will die just like every single one of us.”
Why did they want to die so bad?
“Hey Marco, let me see that knife again.”
My heart was pounding; they were going to kill me weren’t they?
“Turn her over, I wanna have a little fun first” Marco said.
The first boy grabbed me by the back of my neck and slammed me back on the ground, now I was on my back.
“Already bleeding I see” he smirked as his thumb wiped at my forehead, he licked the blood off.
“You are sick!” I hissed.
Something collided with the side of my head. My vision blurred for a few seconds before coming back.
“We are anything but sick” he said angrily “We will be like gods, strength that couldn’t possibly be matched, and we would have the power to give life or take it away!”
I swung at the boy on top of me only to have my hands held down by Marco.
“What do you think we should do to her Jen?”
“Make the bitch squeal” she laughed.
“Hey Brian” Marco said “Maybe we should use her to draw them in. I’m getting a little tired of cutting myself.”
Brian smiled wide “What a great idea, I was getting tired of that too.”
“So what do you think we should do to her?” Jen asked coming closer.
“I think we should cut her arms and legs off” Marco said.
“I think we should let her go” I said.
“Shut up” Brian hit me again.
It was a flash light, god it hurt so much.
“I suggest you stop talking before I actually listen to Marco” Brian said.
“Just cut her up man” Marco said “It would be so easy.”
“Yeah, but too much blood will drive them crazy you know that” he hissed.
Marco looked away as if scolded.
“Give her something to remember us by” Jen said “That way in the afterlife all she’ll have to do is look at herself and she’ll know.”
Brian smiled “Perfect.”
“What do think we should carve into her?” Marco asked.
“Slut” Jen stated “Whore?”
“Human” Marco said “Scum?”
I tried to shove them away but they wouldn’t budge, they wouldn’t get off me.
“I say we just cut and see if any words show up” Brian smiled “But first let’s get this sweater off.”
My eyes widened “Get off now!”
I shoved, I kicked, I threw the best temper tantrum I knew how. Nothing stopped them, they paused only for a second each time my foot kicked them or my arm slapped them.
“Look what I found” Jen said “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a cutter boys.”
“Even better” Marco said.
“How about we add a little” Brian paused “Character to this arm?”
“Help!” I screamed “Someone help!”
Marco’s hand covered my mouth “Rotten little bitch” he hissed.
Jen held my wrist out “I got it, let’s write worthless down her arm.”
I could feel myself starting to cry.
“Jen” Brian smiled “Will you do the honors?”
“With pleasure” she took the knife from him.
I tried to scream, I kicked my feet until they ached so bad I didn’t want to move.
They were all focused on my arm, but I hadn’t felt anything yet.
“How about we let her scream?” Jen asked “I need a little fun.”
Marco let go of my mouth “Go ahead, scream!”
I glared up at him, I wouldn’t do it now.
“See, a fighter huh?” Brian said “How about we break her spirit?”
My arm burned as Jen forced the knife deep into my skin. I bit back a cry of pain.
“Come on” Marco whined “Scream!”
I shut my eyes; please let me wake up now.
Jen pressed down on the knife again and this time I cried out.
“Help!” I screamed “Please!”
My voice cracked, I couldn’t take it I had tears pouring down my cheeks.
“Unfortunate” Brian said “Oh well, lights out.”
Brian held up the flashlight before it connected with my head one more time.
I blacked out.

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