What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


1. Prototype Ch. 1 - A Dying Breed


There was once a time in history when the only things people believed there were, were humans and animals. It was rare for people to believe that an animal could have a human appearance. How they drew their victims in, was every aspect, all the way from looks to the very scent they gave off, the perfect predator. Believe me when I say that Vampires are real. They were discovered in the year 2033 the story at first was romantic. A man by the name Dustin Owens met a woman by the name Victoria Wilson, every one these days knows the story.
 Victoria didn’t want to hide from the world anymore, she loved Dustin too much. So they decided one night to take their plan into action, and that night in front of millions of people, the truth of Vampires would broadcast nation wide. At first everything was fine and the Vampire race began to show themselves to the humans, but as time went on, the humans began to hate the Vampires. Dustin began spreading bad things about the Vampires, or at least believed to be.
 One night Victoria went to ask him about the rumors, just to confirm that he was the one spreading such hatred of her kind, that night he attacked her, he tried to kill her. He underestimated the true power of the Vampire; his body was torn to pieces and drained of its blood. Not too long after Victoria was charged with the murder of her lover, she didn’t fight back or argue, she just handed herself in. The day that Victoria Wilson was prosecuted, August 17th 2043 was the same day man began hunting the hunter.
 It has been several years since then, but Vampires are kept in special schools completely separated from the human population. Each state has at least one school for the Vampires. While the Vampires had limited freedoms, Victoria remains in prison. Although the world knows the story they still accuse her of murder and not self defense. Unfortunately in her case she completely ripped him apart so there is no other living person to say what really happened that night. But because of that there is no leniency towards the undead. None at all.
 Vampires can’t even be seen walking with a human or else they’d be punished. They can’t marry humans or else they’d be punished. If they had sex with a human more punishment, but if they conceived a child, the baby would be killed on the spot without hesitation, and burned while the Vampire watches. Then the Vampire is to be imprisoned for the remainder of their life. So basically Vampires have no real rights, and humans have all the power over a creature that could kill them in a matter of seconds, but for some reason they just don’t, but why?

A brief history that lingered in my brain as I wrote down my actual opinion, I didn’t believe that the Vampires punishment was just. They were still people, different kind of people, and in this country people had rights did they not?
The current year is Two hundred and ninety three years after the Vampire Victoria was prosecuted, June 11, 2129 to be more specific.
The only thing on my mind right now was the bell that was going to ring in less then ten minutes.
I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate this damn piece of shit school, this place felt like such a waste of time. The only thing I actually do is write, and when I’m not writing I’m doodling. I stared at the clock waiting for the bell to ring. Two minutes is so close yet so far.
I shut my eyes and I could just picture what horrible things my next teacher had in store for me.
When the bell finally rang I was first to my feet.
“Jade, to me please” Mr. Wilkins said.
God, how I hated this man…
I stopped at his desk while the rest of the class just walked out leaving me here, alone.
“Yes?” I asked.
“You are aware of what you wrote, correct?”
I hesitated a minutes “I am aware, yes.”
“So you think the Vampire punishment is unfair?”
“Unfair isn’t even a comparison to how cruel they’re being punished for one Vampires act of self defense.”
“So” he stared at me for a second before finishing “That’s how you see it then?”
I nodded backing myself up one hundred percent “Yes.”
“You may now exit” he waved me off.
So I left.
What kind of nonsense was that? Whatever! That dude is a loon anyway.
I went to P.E as usual and went on with my daily routine.
I got home a little later than usual because I stopped at the nearest gas station to buy a soda and the newest energy drink ‘Manic’ not bad at all.
As soon as I got my key in the door ready to turn, the door flung open to reveal my mother, and she looked beyond pissed off.
“Where were you?” she demanded.
“Gas station” I said holding up the bag.
“What did you do today?” she snapped.
What was it? Bombard Jade with questions as soon as she comes home day?
“Nothing, it was the same thing I always do.”
“I got a letter today.”
“OK” I said for her to continue.
“Hand delivered from your school.”
“OK?” I said a little more forcibly, she was working up to something.
“You’re being sent to a new school.”
I was unusually filled joy from hearing that “Really?”
“Don’t get too excited” she frowned “Its punishment.”
“For what?” I demanded.
“That’s what I would like to know” her gaze never leaving mine.
“Well do you at least know where they are sending me?”
“To a Vampire boarding school” she said lower than I would have liked.
That was it, I’m going to die.
“Do you know why?” she eyed me.
“Well I wrote this essay, it was just my opinion” I left her hanging on purpose.
“Are you kidding? We know better then to question their punishment like that!”
“Don’t you wonder why they haven’t just killed us all yet?” I asked.
She stood there looking at me “Who knows” she said before walking away.
I stood there for a minute looking after her, so now what was I supposed to do?
I had no idea where I was going, what I was going to do, how all this was going to work.
Violet would kill me! I frowned thinking about my sister. She had finally forced her way into the popular crowd, hell right now she was probably at a private party for kids at our school who are cool.
For as sorry as I was for being a screw up, I didn’t want her to hang around people who would probably only be fake towards her. Real friends didn’t care if you looked like a dork or if you were hot shit, real is real.
“Wait” I said out loud “So then does this mean I don’t have school tomorrow?” I called out louder only to hear a grunting noise come from my mother.
“What?” I said with more joy than I should have “This might be a good thing.”
She was in front of me in a matter of seconds “How is this good? What if you get killed? Then what?”
“Then…I’m, dead” I said slower than I intended.
“You better be joking” her glare made me want to avert my gaze, but I knew I had to stay strong and not let her win.
“Kids get sent there all the time don’t they?” I asked “They can’t touch me anyway” I said matter of fact.
“You so need to pick up a news paper” she found the closest one to her and threw it at me “That one is from yesterday, a human girl was found outside the schools gates” she pointed the picture out and horror filled me.
The girl was bound to a cross, nails through her wrists and ankles, like Jesus.
“I don’t think I can handle anything happening to you” her anger wavered.
I felt pathetic for being so excited earlier “So then what do we do?”
“We can move, and hopefully get you put into another high school, just don’t write about the Vampires anymore, no good will come from it”
I nodded slowly “What do we tell Violet?”
“The truth, she only wants you to be safe too.”
I nodded again.
“I just have to start calling other schools.”
I stood there; I really messed up big time.
What if I couldn’t get into any other school? Then what are we supposed to do, run away and keep me out of school? Become fugitives?
I found my legs beginning to shake, why did I write that stupid paper anyway?
“Mom I’m home!”
The front door shut behind Violet as she came into my view.
“What’s up?” she smiled at me.
It took me a second before I realized she was glowing, she really must have had fun…. I’m the lowest of the low.
“What’s wrong?” she asked me too quickly.
“Get out of my head!” I demanded “Just because we are twins doesn’t mean you know me so well dammit!”
She crossed her arms “Sure” her eyes formed a squint “What’s the deal?”
“Well” I began.
“Your sister got herself in trouble” mom spilled the beans.
Violet glared at me “What kind of trouble?”
I opened my mouth but I got interrupted.
“Bad” mom said in a disappointed tone “Real bad.”
Violet’s expression changed to worry; I wasn’t sure who it was for, me or her new found high school reputation.
“Are you alright?” she finally asked “Was it a fight or something, I don’t see any bruises.”
“Not a fight” I waited for mom to tell her, but when she didn’t I felt my legs shaking again “They want me to go to a Vampire school.”
Her face darkened “Just how bad? Did you kill somebody!?”
“No I just wrote some stupid essay and now they want me out.”
She didn’t look like she bought it “You’re lying.”
“No I’m not” I felt exhausted already “It was about what our opinions were about the Vampire punishment.”
She looked blank “You feel for the blood suckers?”
“What did they even do?” I demanded “One Vampire was attacked and all of a sudden everybody is taken down, it’s like imprisoning every human because one of us killed somebody.”
“It’s completely different.”
“How!?” I demanded.
“Because we weren’t meant to kill people, they were.”
“How do we know that?”
“We just do, common freakin’ sense.”
I glared at her, maybe I won’t feel so bad about her social life being ruined, seeing as she was yelling at me right now, saying the same things our government was. Humans good, Vampires bad, almost primal.
I zoned her out, she was still talking yet I heard nothing.
“Jade” she said loud.
“What?” I sat on the couch and pretended to examine my fingernails.
“How could you do this to us?”
I stopped “I’m sorry could you repeat that? Because for a minute there it sounded like you were blaming me for ruining our lives.”
“Because I am” she huffed.
I glared at her “So it had absolutely nothing to do the school already hating me? Or the fact that I’m not the smartest kid or the most popular.”
She met my glare “We both know the rules, why would you break them so easily?”
“Hello!” I shouted “Opinionated Essay!”
“Be less opinionated!” she shouted back “At least pretend.”
“Why should I have to?” I demanded “Our country is supposed to be free, why am I being sent away for simply using my right to freedom of speech?”
“Because, everything isn’t like what it used to be, and you know it just as well as I do.”
“It doesn’t mean its fair.”
“Life isn’t fair” she countered.
“Then why are you mad at me?” I hissed “It’s not like I wanted to go to a Vampire school.”
“But now you are!”
When the hell was mom going to step in and save me? I looked to where she was standing previously to find the spot vacant, where had she gone?
“Mom?” I called.
“Don’t drag mom into this” Violet said.
“I’m not” I stated plainly even though I was walking quickly through the apartment to find her.
“Are you sure? Hello? Wait no, please!” mom sighed.
“What is it?” Violet was the first to ask.
Mom just stared blankly at us before I saw her strength start to fade “My poor girls!”
I instantly felt panic shoot through me, please don’t let my thoughts be right.
My mom pulled us tightly to her “We can run away, we can!”
“Mom!” Violet shoved her back “What are you talking about?”
She stared at her “You both have to go, and all the other schools in the country have been told to deny your acceptance.”
I just stood there while they clung to each other, I knew I messed up big time, but they both couldn’t just hate me for this…. Could they?
As it turns out, they can.


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