The Answer



1. What Makes You Happy?



What makes me happy?


"It's funny you asked that. I've been thinking about it for quite a while," I said, twisting a lose thread of my sweater between my fingers. I quietly stood in front of the class, contemplating. I have listened to the others share what made them happy. They each had something that mattered above everything else.

But what does make me happy?

Is it my family? The way their eyes light up when I tell a corny joke? The things they do for me when I'm down? Or just that they stick with me no matter what, through the good, the bad?

Or maybe my silly friends. Their advice, their never-ending support, and funny stories? Maybe the things I have shared with them. Remembering the embarrassing moments and petty accomplishments like eating the spiciest food there was without choking.

Maybe my cat Oli makes me happy. The way she way she rubs her face on mine, or when she puts her paws on me to let me know she wants to be carried.Or maybe how smart my dog Cloud is. He always carried his food bowl around to let me know he's hungry.

What about my hobbies? Sliding the wet paintbrush across the canvas, letting the colors guide me through the whole process. Or capturing moments that will never happen again with my camera. No shot is ever the same.

Or maybe... maybe just having experienced these things. Reminiscing the memories I have stored in my brain, so that I'd smile when I'm sad, so that I'd be able to share them with others. And when I'm old, these memories would be everything I have that would keep me company.


I took a deep breath as I scanned the room, seeing the faces of everybody.

"What makes me happy..." I begun, "is waking up every morning, ready to face another day that would make me experience more things that I would treasure for the rest of my life."


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