My Irish Sweetheart

He used to just be the boy that lived next door. The one I became friends with. Then he left. I was alone and empty without him. He was the only person I have ever loved. I lost his number and now I will never see him again..... Or will I? This is the story of Ava and Niall Horan. Friends who will one day, meet again.


1. Niall And Ava

Niall's pov

I was 9 years old when i moved from Ireland to California. Me mum wanted to be near the beach and always have sunshine. I hated the idea of leaving Mullingar. It was me home. I had to go to a new school and make new friends. It was awful.

Then I met Ava. She wasn't the most popular girl in the school.

We were in elementary school. I saw some girls picking on her, pushing her. "STOP DOING THAT YOU BULLIES!!!" I screamed across the playground. They turned to look at me. Then I saw why nobody ever picked on them. Their 6th grade brothers came to me. I was only a fourth grader and I was frightened. What was I supposed to do?!?!??

They teased me and picked on me all year. I sat alone at lunch. Until one day.

October 14. Two weeks after the girls picked on Ava. She sat down at my table. "I this seat for anyone?" she asked frightened. She was very shy.

"Nope. Just little o'll me and me thoughts. What's your name?" I asked as she picked at the slop on her tray.

"I'm Ava. Ava Johnson. I'm the girl who you defended outside at recess 2 weeks ago at 1:17 p.m. You wore a gray hoodie and joggers. Your shoes were a bit muddy and your hair was spiked." She said.

My mouth hung low in amazement. She blushed and looked down at her food. "Sorry, you must think I'm a freak."

I was in shock. This was the most amazing thing in the world.

"That was brilliant!" I announced.

"I have a photographic memory. I hadn't known about it until 1st grade. I used to watch a lot of Sherlock and I'm trying to deduct them just like Sherlock. I know a lot about you already." she smiled.

I knew we were going to be very good friends.


**Hey guys. I'm Jay.

I love One Direction.

I'm not good at fanfics in my opinion. So yeah.




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