My Irish Sweetheart

He used to just be the boy that lived next door. The one I became friends with. Then he left. I was alone and empty without him. He was the only person I have ever loved. I lost his number and now I will never see him again..... Or will I? This is the story of Ava and Niall Horan. Friends who will one day, meet again.


2. My years with Ava

Niall's pov

Ava Collins Johnson was a very complicated girl. She hated wearing dresses but she felt like a princess in one. She hated hipster girls but she always complained about Vanilla Bean Frappachinos. She loved to read but she never made time to do so. She was very lonely but always had someone by her side.

Ava and I became best friends when we were in the 4th grade. We grew up together. Let's continue from where we left off.


Ava and I ate lunch together that day, complaining about the disgusting food that the school served. When the bell rang we went outside. It was a warm, sunny day. There was not a cloud to be seen. We played on the small basketball courts with flat basketballs that the school had provided.

After class, Ava said goodbye to me. "Why are you saying goodbye?" I asked simply. "Because I walk home. This way." She pointed into the direction of my house. "Me too." We chatted as we walked and got there faster than I expected.

"You live next door?!" Ava exclaimed. I nodded. "Want to come over and play? I have some water balloons if you want to play?" I asked, afraid of rejection.

She squealed in excitement. "That sounds like so much fun!! Just let me get my bathing suit and ask my mom."

I watched her skip to her house and go inside. She came out 5 minutes later in a bright blue 1 piece bathing suit.


"Ready?" she asked. We walked to my backyard and started filling balloons. (Niall put on his swimsuit while Ava was asking her mom btw.) After we filled all 120 we got to our stations. We hid behind bushes and a few buckets that we stacked like a barrier.


"GO!!" I yelled. We started hurling the balloons at each other. I had terrible aim. But Ava, Oh Ava, she had great aim. She had never missed a single shot.

"Do you kids want anything to eat?" Me mum came out with sandwiches. We grabbed some sandwiches and walked to her house, where she had a giant tree house. It had a rope ladder that connected to another tree house. We spent our lives up there.


Never would I expect to fall in love with this amazing girl. But it happened, or will it?


**Hey guys!! If you are still reading this story it means so much to me! I know that I'm not very good at these stories but just bear with me and tell me what I can do to improve. Bye!!**

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