Hey friend, are you there?

Seeing life through the eyes of someone who worked hard to get where she is, (me), can be pretty damn funny. With past middle school drama mixed with more personal drama, my life is basically gullible on the ceiling with some random bursts of comical nonsense. Hope you enjoy reading what I copied down from some of my old diary's.


2. The brutal murdering of a pen

I'm gonna warn you right now. You are about to read the graphic details about how I ruined a perfectly awesome pen, and got suspended because of it. 

It all started way back when I was a 6th grader, back when reading a book actually existed, 

.........and apparently when my barbie-doll clone vice principal existed as well.

I had a decent amount of friends back then, and a pretty good reputation for stabbing people in the legs with graphite pencils when they pissed me off to a certain extent. Anyways...

There happened to be a male person that for privacy purposes we will call Chuck.

Chuck was an egotistical douche bag, and decided to make it his personal goal in life to annoy me whenever possible. Continuing on with the story, Chuck decided he was going to sit in my assigned seat to get me in trouble, and meddle with my stuff.

Stupid move, Chuck. 

I clenched my teeth so I wouldn't say anything I would regret, and told him to get out of my seat. Chuck, stubborn as he was, decided to say the magic words:

"Make me."

I think Chuck wanted to die right there, so I smiled, grabbed the first thing I could find in my pencil case, and jabbed Chuck in the shoulder with it. 

Triumphant, and watching Chuck hold his  'injured' shoulder in HIS seat now, I noticed for a second the ink and metal everywhere, and realized I just killed my favorite pen. I gotta admit, I was ticked off that I had to waste such a good pen on Chuck. I mourned the pen, Chuck mourned his flesh, and we both went on with math class.


It happened during Language Arts class.

A call down to the vice principal's office, also known as hell to those who have had to go there.

I knew that shit was about to go down, so I went, and found out that Chuck had come bawling to them about me breaking his arm.

What a wimp.

Sob story cut semi-short, I got suspended for 3 days, cried with my mom, did some voodoo ritual to get back at Chuck, and bing bang boom, I'm back on the prowl. I earned some serious "reputation" for that, (if you can even call it that), and Chuck got a few taunts behind his back from the other guys for a few months. 

Chuck never did get me a new pen, now that I think of it.

Better watch out, Chuck.

I just remembered that you owe me a pen.

Here to fill you guys in about my life later,


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