Diary? No, just my life story.

Madison thinks Diaries are just childish and stupid, but she has nobody to turn to. She has a lot on her mind, so she starts writing down her problems.


1. The Past is the Past..

The Past is the Past, right? Then why does it still bug me years after it happened? I was only 8 and I'm turning 14 in less than a month!

But who am I kidding? When something scars you, it's always there. Being molested isn't something you can just ignore. Being raped isn't something you can forget. Both at once, by the brother you've always looked up to, makes it a hell of a lot worse.

A couple years ago, I was experimenting and after what Brad had done, I didn't know incest was bad. I offered to give my other brother, Trevor a blowjob. He agreed and we did that night when everyone was sleeping.

Months later, I talk to my friend's mom, Mandy. I tell her about it, believing I could trust her. She says if I don't tell my counselor she will tell my parents.

Trevor has hated me ever since our parents found out and wouldn't let us be in the same room together.

Stupid life. Stupid humans. Stupid people. Stupid me.

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