Diary? No, just my life story.

Madison thinks Diaries are just childish and stupid, but she has nobody to turn to. She has a lot on her mind, so she starts writing down her problems.


2. DsiLobby Truth..

In 5th grade, my friend Juliet introduced me to a site for DSI and 3DS called DsILobby. I met amazing people on it.

There was a girl from school named Brianna who heard about it and went on there and started saying I was fat, ugly, stupid, and worthless.

Everyone on there always said that they would cut themselves when they are sad. Peer Preaaure happened. So I took a thumb tack from my posters hanging on my walls and looked at how sharp it was.

I scratched my wrist up pretty bad. I went to sleep hoping I would bleed to death.

Someone noticed. Someone told. Principal called mom. I had my friends torn from my grasp.

That was how I found the real world.

That's when I realized what life was like.

Bullying is different than I thought.

That is the truth about what happened on DSILobby..

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