What Makes You Happy competition


1. Happiness





is reading, and

getting lost in a world full of

dragons and mermaids

and gods

and true love.

Happiness is

giggling in a blue box

with the ability to

travel through time, or

cheering when the crime was

finally solved.

Happiness is writing in a

quiet room

and smiling because,


the guy got the girl,

and neither died in the process.

Happiness is hitting an upper octave B on

the oboe in tune,

or reciting a monologue

with no stumbles or pauses.


is looking into the night sky

and seeing many bright stars,

not yet hidden by

light pollution.

Happiness is the taste of

uncooked cookie dough,

or the plain sound of

Love Story blasting

through pink earbuds while struggling

through math's latest torture.

Er- worksheet.

Happiness is playing the UIL song

for the fiftieth,

and hopefully the last,


Happiness is almost

fainting after playing our instruments

for an hour, non-stop.

Happiness is smirking at the computer

when a character 'accidentally' comes to

a tragic accident on a recently

publish Movella.

Happiness is the color pink.

And happiness is texting

friends after a long day of school,

and laughing the stress away.


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