His Best Mistake ๐Ÿ’Ÿ [ BOOK 1 ]

When Hanna's dads life hangs in the balance after a tragic accident, Hanna tries to get used to the differences in her life of moving, a boyfriend, and definitely a illness that brings a tragic choice ��


3. finding out & him ๐ŸŽญ

~ a week later ~

i was spending a lot of time with Dad lately he was having a lot of physio to help his muscles, he was also speaking heaps more and surgery was on Sunday and today it was Tuesday, but even though he was on the road to getting better I still was nervous for Sunday and I didn't tell dad but I had been getting a lot of headaches lately, he asked me if I can go down and get some food I said sure and told him to get some rest while I was gone. As I was walking out the door he said to me " I love you " I smiled and said the same.

when i was waiting in line to get food I started getting bad chest pains and it felt like my heart was burning and caving in I went to sit down and then a doctor approached me and said "are you okay" I replied and said yes but he knew I was lying so he replied and said "come with me I'll give you check up and you can tell me what's wrong" I couldn't resist because I knew something was wrong and I needed a check up.

When I got through to the doctors room I told him how I passed out last week after my mum told me to get lost and how I keep getting headaches and chest pain, he tells me the common reason in your case would be stress but I'll run a few tests but the results won't come back until this afternoon, I said okay and asked if there were pills I can take for my chest pain, he said "yes" and gave me them. By the time I got out it was 1:00pm and I left dad at 12:15pm he'll be getting worried so I go straight to him and forget about his food, but luckily he was asleep when I went to visit him so he won't need food until dinner again so I decided I'd go for a walk and when going for a walk I run into a person accidentally, I look up and see the perfect black haired boy with tattoos running on his arms I stare into his eyes and I loose focus and then he says "HELLO" and I say "hello" with a lip bite, he asked for my name I tell him and he tells me his name is Zayn and I ask him if he would like to go for a walk with me, he said "sure, I was just heading out from visiting my mum", we talk for hours and after hearing what happened to his mum I only imagine how hard it would be, his mum has a few months left to live and he tears up when he says it I tell him that he doesn't have to tell me and I tell him I should go and then I give him my number and we than keep repeating the word "bye" he made me feel happy and I haven't felt like that in a while I walked of with a smile and than received a call..

how could this be happening ?

my life was just getting on track ?

and now I receive this news ?

I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, the doctors said they need me in for a chat through the process, I said "sure" I wanted to find out everything and what I have. When I got there I was told to sit down and then they told me "Hannah, you have diabetes I hear?" I say "yes and who told you this", "your dad they said, "okay so he knows about this ?" And they replied and said "yes" I asked them to keep going and telling me through the process of what I have, apparently it was caused from my diabetes because my diabetes have taken a wrong turn the last month and it's a condition where my heart isn't functioning right, they told me that I need a heart transplant and that there's nothing else they can possibly do, I sat there with tears rolling and rolling down my face in shock and it was a big decision for me I asked "how long" they said "how long for what ?" And I said "how long do I have left to live" they said at the most, at your stage "about six months, without the transplant", my heart was getting sore, painful and tight I held on To it and the doctors said "Hanna?" my eyes rolled back and everything became faint to my hearing.

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