His Best Mistake ๐Ÿ’Ÿ [ BOOK 1 ]

When Hanna's dads life hangs in the balance after a tragic accident, Hanna tries to get used to the differences in her life of moving, a boyfriend, and definitely a illness that brings a tragic choice ��


4. dreaming is ok.

~ Hannas dream, well. sorta ~

I woke up in the doctors surgery and I was already on the operating table, i screamed and then I woke up on the floor in my bedroom I felt my heart it was ok then I checked on dad he was in his bedroom and next to him was mum I knew it wasn't right so I blinked and then I was in the arms of him "Zayn" the guy I had met recently we were about to kiss when I woke up to doctors surrounding me saying "hanna" multiple times I was shaking, I was cold then warm then my mouth felt sweet I looked around the room, my mum was crying and then in that moment I knew in my heart this wasn't a dream this was real it was just reality.

Steve's P.O.V

i woke up this morning to see a nice nature scenery though my hospital room window and it made me feel so happy inside but...

thoughts have been going though my head lately since my daughters been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy i want to be the donor of her heart, i know that hannah wont agree but its the best for her.

It will take her a while to adjust to living back with her mum and i know how much she will wish she was still standing by my side but in the end i know she will be extremely grateful and thankful with how i give up my life to give her a healthy heart so she can live her life.

Of course I knew I would have to be brain dead to be the donor but hurting myself wasn't an option, well in some ways it was. The doctor said I'd only live for another week or two, because it was only minor so I would just have to put the operation on hold for a while .....

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