His Best Mistake ๐Ÿ’Ÿ [ BOOK 1 ]

When Hanna's dads life hangs in the balance after a tragic accident, Hanna tries to get used to the differences in her life of moving, a boyfriend, and definitely a illness that brings a tragic choice ��


2. chapter two ๐ŸŒ†

I woke up on the floor and I get annoyed of how tired I'm getting lately, so I just feel I should go back to work as a manufacturer yeah it was mainly for guys most of the time but I found it enjoyable and fun so I hopped in the car and visited dad before I went off to work even though it was 1:00am but I started work every morning at 5:00am so I went in to see dad and kissed him on the head his hand was moving and I smiled I felt that my life was finally back on track, I scream for a nurse and he wakes up, the nurse says that it's a miracle but she said that "there is still minor bleeding to the brain and he's going to have to have a operation to stop it, but it could be risky" I ask how risky and she said 60% of people survive and I just passed it over my head as another challenge and hugged my dad !

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