His Best Mistake ๐Ÿ’Ÿ [ BOOK 1 ]

When Hanna's dads life hangs in the balance after a tragic accident, Hanna tries to get used to the differences in her life of moving, a boyfriend, and definitely a illness that brings a tragic choice ��


1. chapter one โœŒ๐Ÿป๏ธ


It was a new day, I could hear the birds chirping from outside my window, I stood up to go look at them because the love I have for animals was just oh so sweet, I opened the blinds and smiled because the sky was blue, and went to go comb my hair.


Tears rolled down my face as I sat by my dads side hoping for him to wake up but he didn't he was put in life support because of the bus crash he was in with a few others. At this stage the doctor said there was no hope of survival but I sat there believing there was my mum was gone she left my dad a couple of years ago and I knew if my dad died I would have to go live with her and live in a complete nightmare. About 5 hours later I heard a knock at my dads hospital room it was mum, she hugged me and we cried in each other's arms and we both broke down. At that moment I had the feeling that my mum never stopped loving him.

Mum told me that I should go because it was 3:00pm and I had been there since 10:00am but I denied to leave my dad until he wakes up, she pulled me by the arm and she was crying out her words, she said to me "we can come back in the morning" but I still said no, she replied saying "let's go, come on" then I screamed and said "just because you left me and dad years ago doesn't mean that I don't love him, you coward" then she slapped me and I knew the right choice was to stay here, so I did and stared at her in horror while holding my cheek as she walked out the door.

~ the next day ~

I woke up to find the nurse at the end of my dads bed, I asked her how he was doing she replied with "still no near to waking up and that there's bleeding to his brain" as I heard this it repeated around in my head about five times and lost focus as tears rolled down my face and my heart beated fast. The nurse got my attention by asking if I needed a drink of water but I said "no" and kissed my dad on the cheek as I went to go get some fresh air outside.

while outside five ambulance cars speed up the street like there was some kind of emergency, which there was after seeing six people come out of the ambulance van on stretcher beds and injuries, I start to become curious and wonder what's happened after seeing stretcher beds rush past me and seeing a glimpse of a boy who looks like he's just been in a big explosion. I decide to go back inside as that's all the fresh air I needed and notice that my dads bed is gone, I move around the hospital and ask them where it is and they just reply with "we needed more beds in the bottom floor, so we moved him to the top floor but there's no visitors aloud up there until tomorrow". I sighed and realise that it's probably best I get some rest, so I don't call my mum. Instead I stay at a hotel across the road so I'm as close to dad as possible.

I woke up and realised I had just had a six hour nap and I sit up in bed lonely and wishing I wasn't, I had a glimpse of what life was like before all this happened, I was working, dad was on his way to Mexico and mum was basically out of our lives. I decided to call mum and apologies because of dad doesn't make it I'll need a house and someone who cares for me, so I decide to ring her, she replies to me with "never talk or speak to me again" and I breakdown on the floor crying, my eyes start to burn then everything becomes three and then I pass out.

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