Can't Tell Him

A girl just wanted this guy to notice her, but he does it turns out to be a disaster because she doesn't know how to tell him how she really feels. but will her heart get broken in the end.


2. Truth Be Told That....

  When the bell rang for fourth period I ran out of the library as fast as I could. But as I was running down the hall I ran into Candice. "Watch were your going Ashley" Candice said. "Ok I'll watch out next time" I said. "Oh and Candice why don't you just tell everybody that you've been sleeping with Dylan" I said angrily. Before I could say anything else Candice dragged my ass to the bathroom and she started to spill.

"Ok so what if I slept with Dylan and why do you care if I sleep with Dylan its not like you like him or anything and even if you did you would never have a chance with him because he doesn't like girls like you he likes girls like me." Candice said with a big smile on her face. "Ok yes I like Dylan and you shouldn't be using him like that either because he's actually a nice guy and if you would actually get to know him instead of sleeping with him then you would know that he's actually really sweet but you wont take the time and actually talk to him." "You know what Ashley I don't need a little bitch to tell me how to live my love life" Candice said while exiting the bathroom.

     When I got out of the bathroom I started to look for Macy and when I found her I ran up to her and gave her a hug. "What was that for?" Macy asked. "Just because your my best friend and I just wanted to say that I love you like a sister and if we ever fight lets talk about it instead of actually fighting. "Ok deal." Macy said with a big smile. But I wanted to tell her what happened in the bathroom but I didn't because I didn't want her to get suspended for fighting Candice.

On the way to fifth period I started to think that what if I did tell Macy about what happened in the library I mean I know what what would happen. She would say shit to Candice and Candice would say shit to Macy and then they get into a fight and then my best friend would get suspended and then I would have to deal with this by myself and I can't do that.


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