Can't Tell Him

A girl just wanted this guy to notice her, but he does it turns out to be a disaster because she doesn't know how to tell him how she really feels. but will her heart get broken in the end.


1. Heartbreak

    My usual day starts out at me waking up at 6:00am, but today I decide to get up WAY earlier then I'm supposed to. So instead of waking up at 6:00am I decide to get up at 5:00am because today is a very special day. Todays the day that I try to get attention from the guy I like. Oh and by the way if I haven't said my name yet I'm Ashley and my crushes name is Dylan.

And I want to try to look my best for Dylan because I REALLY want to actually try to get his attention instead of just thinking about it. For my outfit that I planned the night before (because I'm a procrastinator) I FINALLY decided to wear my white summer dress with sandals and a light brown belt to go around the waist. And for my hair I decided to leave it down with some curls at the bottom. "Hey mom, I'm about to leave for school do you want be to do anything before I go?" " I don't think so but thank you for asking sweetie."

Oh and by the way my parents are divorced and I live with my mom because my dad got a new girlfriend and I absolutely HATE that bitch. I don't go over to my dads house anymore because he's a drug addicted and he's and alcoholic and so is his girlfriend Stephanie. But lets not talk about my dad and his new girlfriend lets talk about how my day might just go right for me today.

    On the way out the door I decided to grab my new Prada white purse to go with my summer dress. When I walked out the door and down the steps I got a text from my best friend Macy saying that she's gonna take me to school. As I wait for her at the steps I think about what I'm gonna say to him when I see him. 5 minutes later Macy pulls into the driveway in her new 2015 Mustang. "Hey girly, ready to go?" "ya I guess, but I honestly don't wanna go to school today" I said with my head down. "Are you going on this 'I don't want to tell Dylan how I feel' depression because if you are then I'm gonna to come over there and slap you because you know that you have to tell him because you know deep down that if you don't then its gonna be to late and then you won't be able to tell him how you really feel" Macy said. "Ya your right Macy, I should tell him how I really feel."

   When we got to school I headed straight to my first period because Dylan has the same class as me. When I walked in the class room I held my head high and said to myself 'you can do this Ashley its now or never.' But as I was about to go talk to him Candice this girl that I hated walked up to him and started to talk to him. And I heard from other people that they have hooked up more than once and that made me wanna run out of the class room and go to the bathroom and stay there all day and cry my eyes out.

But I didn't because I had to stay strong and sit there in class and not think about him and Candice. Once class was over I ran down the hall to go and find Macy. Once I found her I dragged her to the bathroom and started to cry my eyes out. "What wrong Ashley?" Macy asked. "I saw Candice and Dylan talking and laughing and she was touching him while laughing and I wanted to run out of the class room and go straight to the bathroom and just cry, but I didn't because there was a little voice in my head saying 'stay strong Ashley because if you don't then I'm gonna slap you' and that little voice in my head was you" I said with tears in my eyes.

  "Well its a good thing that you didn't run to the bathroom because if you did then I would have found you and slapped you Ashley because I know your stronger than that" Macy said. Before I could get another word out the bell rang for second period. Macy and I didn't have the same second period but Candice and I did. And I hated the idea of seeing her everyday in second period but I had to deal with it because that's how life goes. You have to deal with people that you hate.

Well any way back to me going to second period, when I was about to walk into the class room Candice stopped me right in my tracks. "Hey Ashley I saw that you were looking at me and Dylan while I was talking him and I could see that you were about to cry and I think that you like him" Candice said. "What makes you think that I like him? And what gives you the right to tell me that I like him Candice its none of your damn business who I can and can't like" I told her. And before she could say anything the teacher walked in and told us to sit down and be quiet.

-45 minutes later-

Macy and I had a free class period during 3 period so we decided to go to the library to talk about ALOT of things that happened last period.


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