The Watcher

It watches all the time. Their is no escape. It's always their watching but never moves. Wish I never moved!!!


6. Starting a fmaily isnt easy

*12 years later*

"Okay the doctor is ready to see you." I took Mandy by the hand and lead her into the room and sat her down on the chair. I took her hand in mine and smiled at her. "This is it!" I smiled at her and she gave me an excited smile back. A few minutes later the doctor came in a smile on his face. "Well hello Mr and Miss Woods." We both smile and say hello back. "I am Dr. Johnson and ill be working with you to day. Now before we start the test I have a few questions I must ask you so we know how to prep this." I nodded as well as my wife and the Dr. starts to ask his questions. "Are you or have you ever been on any medication?" My wife answered no to every question and the Dr. wrote it all down in his book. "Sound like you are very healthy." Mandy smiled at him. The doctor walked over putting on a mask and some gloves. "Now we are going to have to undo the button of your pants and lifts your shirt up a little bit if that is okay with you."

Mandy smiled at me as I gripped her hand. "Yes, doctor that is fine with me." The Doctor nodded and undid the button of her pants and lifter her shirt up a little bit. "Now I am going to put this jell on your stomach. It is going to help us find the baby." The doctor explained everything. The doctor started to move the wand thing and we looked on the screen to if I was pregnant.  I smiled with joy as a I saw a baby appear on the screen. The doctor smiled at us. "Congrats you to you are now a mom and dad."

 *Later that day*

I drove Mandy home a big smile on her face. "This is so exciting honey." She smiled at me and nodded. "I wonder what where having?" I smiled at her holding her hand as we pulled into our drive way. "Well just have to wait for the results to find out."

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