The Watcher

It watches all the time. Their is no escape. It's always their watching but never moves. Wish I never moved!!!


11. Soemthing isnt right

As time went on and my son grew up I noticed that he was still different from other kids. My wife was the first to start acting weird and soon she just all together got up and left me. "Mandy what do you mean your leaving me?" Mandy turned to face me. "Jeff I love you to death I really do but I cant spend the rest of life with that devil you call your son. It's me or him simple as that." Mandy told me and I had to choose her our son. I looked down ashamed of my answer. Mandy gave me cold look and left. I just picked up Sammy and hugged him tightly. "Daddy? Where is Mommy going?" He asked me looking up at me with big curious eyes.

"Mommy is just going out for awhile." I told him and then took him to go and play some more.

*4 years later*

"Sammy wake up your going to be late fore school." I call up to him as I start to cook breakfast. I wait until I hear foot steps moving around up stairs followed by his voice. "Okay dad im up!" I nodded and continue with my morning routine. Then soon enough Sammy comes down stairs and starts to eat. "Dad what was mom like?" He ask me every morning making me stop in place and sigh. I know that I have to tell him the truth at some point. It's just im not ready to yet. So I go to make up a story but of course he is getting to old for my stories now. "Dad don't give me another made up story either I want to know the truth." I sigh and look at him. "I guess your old enough to know the truth but look your running late so Ill tell you about her when you get back from school."

Sam gets excited and heads out to the bus. "Bye dad!!!" He calls out as it drives away. I wave good bye with a smile and then sigh going back inside and picking up the only picture I have of Mandy. It's the one we took when we both young and we had just bought the house. I sigh looking at the picture. "I miss you so much Mandy." I say and put the picture back away then go to clean up the house to get ready for when Sammy comes home.

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