The Watcher

It watches all the time. Their is no escape. It's always their watching but never moves. Wish I never moved!!!


2. Noises in the Wall

Well Mandy went to go closer there deal avd I decided to have another look. I walked into a room and started to look around. "Nice and roomy." I said to my self as I looked around. Then I head it. A faint scratching sound coming from the walls. It sounded like someone or something thing was trying to get out or worse trying to get in…I gulped remembering what Mandy said.

The sound started to get louder to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore so I had to cover my ears. It just wouldn't stop I found my self yelling at the walls. "STOP!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! SO IT ALL READY!!!" I heard the door open and the scratching stopped leaving my heart to pound like crazy. It was my lovely wife Mandy again. She hugged me sounding excited about something. "Great news Jeff…we bought our first house!!! " My face turned pale white. "Where going to live here?" I asked her slowly not believing what I was hearing. "Yeah!!! Isn't that great? Of course we have a lot of work to do. Hope you don't mind getting dirty." she laughed kneeing that I didn't mind at all. I looked at her still feeling shaky. "You didn't hear it?" I asked her as the sound started again making my heart nearly leap it of my chest.

"Hear what Jeff?" she looked at me scared avd concerned about me. "the scratching coming from the walls." I said sounding and looking line a mad person I'm sure. She shook her head and dragged me out of the house and to the car. "Are you feeling okay Jeff?" I gulped and nodded. "Yeah I'm fine never been better." she gave me a weird look but believed me looking at the road.

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