The Watcher

It watches all the time. Their is no escape. It's always their watching but never moves. Wish I never moved!!!


9. Mircale Child

*A few weeks later*

"Hey honey I'm home* I heard humming coming from the baby's room. I walked down the hall to the room. "Honey?" When I went over to our room I could see that the lights in our room where on but their was no one their. Then I heard the humming again so I walked over to the babies room. "O hello darling I didn't know you where home. I was just putting the baby to bed." Mandy turned to face me with a big smile on her face. "Baby? What baby are you talking about honey we lost the baby." Mandy gave me a weird look as If I wasn't speaking English.

"What on earth are you talking about Jeff. Can't you see that your son is asleep right now in his crib!?" I looked over her shoulder and sure enough their was a small sleeping baby in the crib. I backed up not sure what to think about all this happening. Then just as I was about to scream out loud Mandy took my arm and dragged me out of the babies room and down the stairs. "What the hell Mandy!!! Where did you get a kid from?!" Mandy smiled at me widely. "Isn't it great Jeff we can be a family just like we always wanted now." I gave her a stern look. "That's not the point Mandy I want to know where you found that kid!"

She looked down at the ground the look of confusion and hurt in her eyes now. "I thought you would be happy about having a son.....its all you ever talked about us having." I looked at her not sure where she was going with all of this. "
What does me wanting to have a son have to do with anything Mandy? Where did you find him!!!" Mandy shot me a glare in a way that she had never done before and I knew that this wasn't my Mandy and that wasn't my kid. I got quite in fear for my life and the kids. "I told you all ready Jeff he's our son and I gave birth to him!!! WHY CANT YOU EXECPT THAT ALL READY!!!" I decided to give up for now and wait and see how things would play out. "Okay okay im sorry dear I must have forgotten. Tell you what why don't you head up to bed and relax and ill cook dinner for our family tonight." Mandy smiled with joy. "Really Jeff you believe me!!!" I smiled and gave her a nod even though on the inside I wasn't so sure I believed that I knew what I was doing. Mandy how ever happily went up stairs and played with the baby and left me to cook dinner and think about what was happening to us.

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