The Watcher

It watches all the time. Their is no escape. It's always their watching but never moves. Wish I never moved!!!


5. I'm not crazy

The very next day just like Mandy said I went to a shrink. I told him all about the new house and the weird noises I heard in the walls at night. I told him about how I felt like someone was watching me where ever I went in the house. The shrink only nodded taking down notes too what ever I said. "You may be stressed about having a new house and a new invorment." The man said to me with a calm face. I nodded figuring he must be right since he is a professional. "Your probably right doctor." I gave him a shaky smile and shook his hand getting ready to leave.

"They call me the watcher" the man said to be with a creepy smile as I left his room. I looked back at him. "What?" The shrink looked like his old self again. "I said have a nice day." I shook my head and left the room. "So Jeff how did it go?" I gave her a scars look. "He's watching us…"

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