Hope (What makes you happy)

My entry to the 'What makes you happy' competition. Actually, it was just nice once in a while to not be down and appreciate everything I do have.


1. Hope

If I could eternalise that second, 

  That instant of incomparable joy

I would.

Because if I was submitted to reliving that moment for the rest of my life...

I would be happy. 

If I could make that smile reappear when the skies were grey,

When the only solution was to curl up and cry,

I would. 

Because that smile could end wars, end world poverty, end every evil...

And I would be happy. 

If I could make that laugh echo in every dark tunnel,

Every dark crevice,

I would. 

Because the elation would emanate from all those now in the light...

And I would be happy. 

But there were those inevitable days

Where clouds replaced the light,

Screaming thunder drowned the expressions of excitement,

Rain pelted against faces and melted the upturned lips.

But I still wait. 

Because there is hope. 

That one day

Despite the anger,

Despite the frustration,

Despite the desperation, 

There will be smiles. 

And I smile-

And I am happy. 

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