Dream Catcher

Dawn Madion is the Sand Man's adoptive daughter. She can see the dreams of other people and help destroy the evil in it. But she chooses to ignore her gift. Now not only is she starting to disappear right before her own eyes, the people in the dreams are beginning to talk to her. She can't stop dreaming for a second or her life may be on the line.


1. Dream On

"Dad, I can see you," I finally spoke up and stopped tapping of the eraser on my pencil. I shut my AP math textbook and glared at the golden man hovering over my shoulder. "Is there something you need?"

In his usual way, if not talking, dad demonstrated with his gold sand. He formed an arrow and pointed to his head. A clear indication that he wanted me to read his dreams/thoughts. I rolled my eyes but still flicked my eyes up. A cloud began to occupy the space above his head and a gray swirl became the image.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked as a coconut appeared. Dad's shoulders shook, with silent laughter. I picked my book and bags up and walked away to my room. I dropped my stuff by my desk and was about to do my work, when my phone began to burst out in Stars Aligning by China Anne McClain.

"Dawn help me!" My best friend, Wish Parker, squealed in distress as soon as I picked up.

"What's up?" I asked her.

"My dad's trying to sign me up from another dance program!" She whisper yelled. I snorted, knowing that her dad was probably right behind her.

"How is this a problem? You love to dance," I shifted my phone to my shoulder and picked up my green mechanical pencil. I clicked the top and the lead came out the other side.

"I love things like hip hop. He's signing me up for ballet! All that freaking pink!" I could tell that she was gnawing on her bottom lip. It was a nervous habit she had and when she did it, her words wouldn't sound correctly.

"It'll be okay as long as no one tries to kill you," I answered, filling in the last 2 questions for math and shoving my science book with my big toe.

"You give the best advice," Wish said sarcastically.

"Thanks!" I said with a fake hyper voice.

"Meany. Next time I'm calling Violet," Violet Dares was our other girl best friend and the expert advice giver in all of Raven Vile high.

"Good idea." My phone vibrated, altering me of a message. "Listen, I got to go." If I kept distracted, I would never finish my work.

"Peace out Girl Scout! Oh my God, get that tutu out of my-" I pressed the red End button before she could finish that line. I quickly peeked at my message.

Michael Robinson aka my S.G.A. (Secret Guardian Angel) Appointed by my dad, of course. He's the only person besides my dad that knows about my dream vision but that's because he isn't human. When my dad first told me that he got me a S.G.A. I immediately thought that I would either get a nerd or a player. So when Raven Vile's football captain ran up to me and introduced himself, all I did was stare at him like he was insane.

@Mike&Ike: I have some bad news.

@NightTime: Is that how you greet your fav girl?

@Mike&Ike: My fav girl is between Christina Grimmnie or Vio- that's not important!

@NightTime: lol

@Mike&Ike: You've been moved down from Dream Catcher

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