I cant love you, surely

Don't make it all about you, again


1. Just an Intro, nothing more nothing less

When you think about love, you expect it to be normal. I hate that word, Normal. Now tell me, what is normal love? What can you define normal as. Normal isn't real, its an expectation of people. But why do people have to be normal? Normal can't define what your love is, normal can't define you as a person. I say, to hell with normal. It's okay to be different, I don't care what you look like. Be different, be you. Weird should no longer be used as an insult, rather it should be used as a compliment to look at somebody's differences and embrace them. And no matter how many times I have to push to be able to get to this stage, I will get there, and nobody will try to stop me.

For I am weird, I am different. For me, that might not be the issue. I have excepted myself for who I am, so isn't it the people who don't accept its fault. I don't know, but the one thing I do know, everyone is weird. Everyone is different. So why is the such a big FUCKING issue. I feel like I have been rambling on, I had might as well stop to avoid further confusion. But I hope, the next time you call someone weird or different as an insult, think of this chapter. Think of what you are doing to prevent you from moving forward into your life, is it really worth it?

Please, just think about it.

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