Diary of Me

My Diary- hope you like it. I wish I had so much more to talk about!


1. May 8th Friday

8th May 2015


Dear Diary,

Today was okay. I can really find a better word for it. Mixed feelings. Good and Bad.


I woke up, like I nearly always do, tired. It was around half seven, I think, maybe more towards eight. I got up and I remember almost immediately asked my dad who was going to be prime minister. He told me no change. We watched the BBC news, laughing at some guys face when he got completely outvoted, it was very funny.


By then, I was late for school. I got changed quickly, did my teeth, ran a brush through my hair and grabbed a slice of toast on the way out.


I happen to live, unfortunately, in the same town as the school. Some people might think this is great but let me tell you, it is not. I have to walk every day, no matter if it's windy, snowy, pouring with rain (which it often is) or even hail. I have to walk. Sometimes the people in their nice heated, dry buses zoom past me.


Today, as I said, I was late. Mostly due to the fact I waited for my friend who had already left. I speed walked down the street, into the school and strode down the corridor just as the second bell rang. Our teacher didn't show up, I can't remember why, so we got this other teacher.


We had P.S.E, which is like about drugs and racism and abuse and all that. It's kind off basically a skive. Today we watched a DVD on something to do with The Human Brain. Don't ask me what the link is.


After that, we had History (Boring), English (Okay) and then break. On a Friday it's good because we get a long break and we finish school at half one. Which is good because most Fridays I basically sleepwalk through.


At break, me and friends always go to 'The Room'. It sounds all dramatic but it's basically a spare room that no-one in the school uses most of the year except at exam times. A long time ago me and my friends did jewellery club, but I haven't done jewellery in 6 months. We just sit around and talk. Pretty much every lunch.


Today it was funny because one of the teachers from the staff room across the corridor practically ran in yelling, “IS ANYONE EATING?” and there was an awkward silence because no-one was. She was trying to catch us eating, of course, because the teachers across the hall all hate us. We do eat in there, of course, but we're smart enough to do it discreetly. She went all red in the face and walked out.


I suppose I should sort of explain my friends.

(Real names NOT used)


First there is Lizzy. I've known Lizzy for a long time, since we were 4 or 5. I think she was my first friend, and she always likes to tell the story of how we met before school in the park and became friends and I always get embarrassed because I don’t remember it. I like her a lot, but she's not reliable. One moment she'll be really nice and the next she's clawing you're eyes out with mean comments. I'm not sure I completely trust her, but on the other hand we get on really well most of the time. Weird.


There Samantha. Samantha is in most of Lizzy's classes. She's always following her everywhere. She's also mad about horses. M.A.D. She wasn't really our friend until the start of high school, but I like her. She's kind.


There's Jasmine. Jasmine's strange. She takes mouthwash to school. She's mad about her health and won't EVER eat anything that is even the slightest bit unhealthy. She thinks that she and Samantha are cousins just because her grandpa and Samantha's grandma are a getting married. She likes a different boy every week. Yet, we sit next to each other in maths and apart from the odd prank that is NOT funny I do like her and I kind of feel sorry for her. I suppose you'll find out why. She only joined us about a year ago, and some of my friends are a bit sceptical about her friendship ever since she ignored us suddenly for a month.


There is Claire. She's cool. We walk to school together. Or well we try to. She's a bit of a rebel and likes her black and forgets her PE kit every other week. She's nice although I think she can be a bit shy and stop going along with what everyone else says.


There's Kara. She's quiet. Very quiet. But we both like writing. I suppose there's not much else I can say about her because we don't really talk. She doesn't talk to anyone. Not in an unfriendly way, though, she's just quiet.


Rose is nice. She can be loud, and a bit crazy, but I think we all are. She will always speak out if she doesn't agree with something. I like her. We never argue. Her sister is friends with mine. She crazy about horses and running. She's amazing at pretty much every sport. I think she wants to be a P.E teacher.


Then there's Harper. Harper is smart, and sporty. In fact, I don't think there is any subject she isn't top of the class. We tease her a bit about it, mainly because she doesn't take it as a joke. And she will NEVER admit she is wrong. Ever.




So yeah, we were all sitting in the room doing just about nothing. Jared wandered in at some point. We said Hi. Then he wandered out.


After break we had Geography, which was actually kind of interesting. We learnt about the people who live in the rainforest. I'm well jealous. Then we had Art (boring) and we got some homework (noooooooo!).


After that school finished and me, Lizzie, Kara, Claire and Stephanie wandered into town to get Lunch. Jasmine lives just outside town, so she has to wait by the car park for her mum to pick her up because she doesn't qualify for school buses. We all saw her.


Lizzie gasped theatrically when we were approaching her. “What has Jasmine done with her hair!”


I looked over and she had it up in a messy bun.


It looks like the poo emoji!” I couldn't help cracking a smile because it was quite funny. I felt terrible though, afterwards, because I think she saw and heard. Oops.


When I got home, there isn't really much to mention. I saw the new diary movella competition (yeah!!) and started this. I've tried to keep a diary before but I always forget or lose it. We'll see how this goes.


Yours Truly,



P.S Tommorow is Saturday and I am going to a concert with some of my friends. Whoop Whooop!!


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