She's Gone

he loses her and feels that it is his fault


1. The Funeral

He walked across the freshly cut grass as he passed multiple tombstones. He looked down at the ground as it rained on the funeral. His mother, father, brother, and sister were all there, and he looked up to the Girl's mother, and gave her an apologetic look. The girl was just 16, and he thought that she was too young to die, she had her whole life ahead of her. A tear rolled down his face, and soon he was sobbing. He put his face in his hands as his whole body shook with grief. " Why God!!!". The boy felt he was the reason why she died. He had never felt so guilty in his life before. After everyone had left he was the only who stayed behind, he couldn't bare not telling her how he felt about all this, even if she couldn't hear him. " I'm so sorry!" he said. He poured his whole heart in this simple speech. "I should have treated you better, should have cherished you instead of taking him for granted" he sobbed out.  

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