What Makes You Happy?

For the What Makes You Happy? competition: a poem about the best night of my life.


1. This Memory

I remember sitting,
As you told me jokes and
Stories about your life.
It seemed so abstract,
So alien,
Even when you grew up
Just on the other side
Of town.
The lake glittered
In the dying sun,
And screams of joy
Could be heard
Across the water.
Canoes glided through
The murky depths,
And the children stood,
Making silhouettes
Against the orange sky.
Your arm rested on my
And your smile was easy,
As cameras flashed
And I grinned.


I remember feeling giddy,
Alive over the idea
That your body was touching
Even if it was in the most innocent
Of ways.
That you wore my sunglasses,
And you didn't mind that
They had been on my
Skin first.
That you moved in closer
And your leg rested
Against mine,
Even if it was only
So you would fit in the


I remember forgetting
That your arm had touched
My shoulder,
And you had sat
Next to me throughout
The evening.
That you had fetched
Me dinner from the spitting
Fire of the barbecue,
And remembered my order
Down to a
That you had smiled,
And sat next to me,
And shared the towel I sat
Even though it was small.
That you had read my words
And looked through my
And smiled,
And smiled,
And smiled.


I remember finding the image,
Some months later,
And reliving the evening
In my mind.
Noticing that your arm
Was draped across me
In the most subtle and innocent
Of ways.
I was questioned,
"Is his arm around you?"
And smiling
At the memory,
The thought,
That you would touch me
And smile at the same time.
Then it fading,
As the memory
Of the moment became
Lost on your mind,
And found in my own.

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