My happy.

What makes me happy..maybe you can get some ideas for it too... :)
(what makes you happy competition)


1. What makes me happy 1

Happy.....hmmm well my friends let start there

My friends are my rocks and my family. When my day is bad they are the rock and I'm the balloon being blown away and they keep me grounded and safe. They're also there when I'm bored and we always make jokes and say stupid things that is funny and we look back on it (you can read the in my book Quoting What Is Said) and laugh our heads off. They are amazing I love them all so much they are my light when it is dark they are my family when my families not there. We are stronger together especially when we are there and lift each other up and back into happiness.


dedicated to my friends who are there for me right now in the situation I'm in (it's not like in any special order it was just remembering your names thing)








love you all!!!!


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