Demonic Angels

"Every breath. Every step. Every I love you. Every I hate you. Every damn time."


2. The Demon Inside.



 Every breath. Every Step. Every bloody nose. Every busted lip. Every fucking time. Every trip to the principles office. Every tattoo. Every drunken night out. Every girl I took into my parents house. When I dropped out of high school. 

Every voice inside my head telling me it was only gonna get worse. Everyone telling me I'm worthless. Stupid. Every ounce of drugs I smoke, or inject. Every fight. Every arrest.

I was there. Watching my own casket getting lowered into the ground. I was watching my mother weep, my father staring with a blank expression. Drug overdose. They called it. I was finally set free. No more pain, or suffering. I am Lucas. I am a demon.

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