Demonic Angels

"Every breath. Every step. Every I love you. Every I hate you. Every damn time."


1. Guardian Angel.



Every breath. Every Step. Every I love you. Every I hate you. Every damn time. It was me. Since birth actually. I was there. Watching over him. Protecting. Guiding. Leading him on the right path. To become something more than he thought he could be. Never giving up on him.

Every prayer he prayed, every drink he took on that night. Asking, begging, praying that the pain would end. Deep down I knew that it wouldn't go away.

Every sharp breath he took. Every harmful scar that he added to his body. Every intoxicated or drug induced women he took into his apartment. 

Every damn time.

I was there. The day of his funeral. I was there. Watching as his arms; his reopened arms bleed. And bleed. I was there when the police had taken his body from the bloody bathroom floor. Suicide. They called it.

I couldn't watch over him anymore. I couldn't protect or guide him. But I didn't need to. Because now, he's here with me. I am Olivia. I am an angel.




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