My Diary

Hi I am winnie and this my life story it's is so filled with drama u want to know if it is true or false but i will have to tell you everything i write in this book it true (not the names tho they are all changed and made up sorry) Sit back and relax i hope u enjoy it as much as I am trying too.


13. The page

Dear Diary,

Today was really bad, i did something really bad and i could not be believe what i did. I start a website with 2 people and then i made a started spreading rumors about people i deleted them at first and then i did it again cause my brain is an stupid idiot and i called someone gay and then they decided that they were going to tell the school and police. So then i did everything i could to remove this page so i deleted it and everything and now i am crying and hoping they don't and that they forget all about i will get killed if anything happens. I spoke to Ben without acting like i like him or anything i was just me i guess i am way more over him then i believe. O.O I'm so scared i am shaking and then i read this thing and it says ISP and it says the police can find you but it takes time so i am going to restart my laptop and everything to hope that they don't get me or take to jail because i will as much as i am now and my mum does not know about me having Facebook so i deleted it as well and i am so scared. I am so sorry, i don't know what got over me when i started the page.

until next time,

love winnie

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