My Diary

Hi I am winnie and this my life story it's is so filled with drama u want to know if it is true or false but i will have to tell you everything i write in this book it true (not the names tho they are all changed and made up sorry) Sit back and relax i hope u enjoy it as much as I am trying too.


12. My life sucks without you

Dear Dairy, Today i will got into trouble like always but i like sat with emma, jemma, tiana and morgan and it was great i had fun and laugh at lot tho hehe. umm well ash and zoe well i heard they haven't been talking bout me but they keep giving me looks i have notice when they were in the library tho. hehe is my new favourite thing to say now. I will be going to riverlink for the excursion tomorrow can't wait yay ha lol riverlink. I'm sorry if my diary is a bit boring for who ever is reading this i am really so i hope you know that im sorry. until next time love winnie
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