My Diary

Hi I am winnie and this my life story it's is so filled with drama u want to know if it is true or false but i will have to tell you everything i write in this book it true (not the names tho they are all changed and made up sorry) Sit back and relax i hope u enjoy it as much as I am trying too.


11. I am giving up

Dear Diary,

Today well i tried so hard to talk to myself, so you wanna know how i went its was okay i guess i stuff a few times but i did better then ever and i started feeling great and happy. I guess talking to myself really hold be back aye. I talked to brandon a guy i have not spoken with in a really long time and it's nice to catch up with a old friend do you think i was talking to him about ben and he said that ben is so sad and he is a dick and that he can't sing it's why he can't make a youtube channel and post a singing video. It was kind of funny tho i laugh a little. not trying to be mean or anything. So well my day was okay i guess i have thank the queen for giving us this day as it is her bday in australia. thanx queen hehe I had a wonderful day today and nothing ruin it and i am proud if that thank you lord and jess for this day. If anyone is actually reading this can u read my other and give me tips tho thank you all. 

until next time 

love winnie

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