My Diary

Hi I am winnie and this my life story it's is so filled with drama u want to know if it is true or false but i will have to tell you everything i write in this book it true (not the names tho they are all changed and made up sorry) Sit back and relax i hope u enjoy it as much as I am trying too.


14. Crying my heart out.

Dear diary,

Today will we had a junior play rehearsals on a Sunday. I know what you think musical well actually, that's finish a while ago. I just can't handle it anymore. I want to cry and scream and die. I just can't live anymore, I feel like not one wants me in this world. I don't know why i tell myself its okay tomorrow will get better but it doesn't and i just can't handle it anymore. I'm sorry i just don't know if i can last anymore days acting like my life is perfect. I see all these beautiful girls around me and then i look at my mirror and just see me as a ugly SLUT or  BITCH. I know why i talked to myself now it is because i imagine myself as the most beautiful person in the world but deep down i know that's not me its not it will be. I don't want to hurt myself but i feel like i try to look beautiful like everyone around me but i can't i try to act cool because i have a fear of not being good enough or perfect or even someone that someone could call a friend or even a best friend. My life isn't perfect i get in trouble everyday. I try not get in trouble but I end up getting in trouble. In junior play today, i was with everyone and then when Ashleigh comes to junior play and me and Kelsey, Donny and man come she just walks away and I'm like WTF. I think it is me or it is the others except for man she likes her. but when i just try to be myself i get in-trouble for and i try to be someone else i get in-trouble for it as well. So why do i live in this world tell me Diary, why do I live in this World when everyone is judging me or hating me for being myself i just can't handle this anymore Diary, I can't its why I just want to kill myself. I crying writing this letter, I just can't handle all this. I have to go now Diary.

Unitl next time,

Love Winy

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