It is you!

Sequel to Its gotta be you!
Alex and Louis start a family and they are getting married!
But what happens when Karen meets Dyaln?


1. My life continues

Alex's P.O.V

Yes it's me again.

Im Alex. I am the fiancè of Louis Tomlinson. Exactly Louis Willam Tomlinson. We are getting married in a bout a week or so.


"ERM BLUE!" He said while putting a plate in front of me.

"Im not hungry." I said. He looked me dead in the eye.

"Alex. You have to eat. We dont want an incident that happened last time a few years ago." He said kissing me.

"But I am really not hungry." I pouted. He kissed me and my daughter, Karen, sixteen year old, started making faces. "Ew." She said.

Louis laughed and was all like. "That is gonna be you in a few years huh." He said hugging me from behind. She rolled her eyes.

"Mom what happened a few year ago." She said. Louis eyes widened.

"Me or you." He said. I didnt want to tell her so Louis told her.

"Mommy here used to hate her body. And people used to hate her on social media. So what the heck? She thought. She decided to starve herself and we almost lost her. But if i havent taken her to the hospital then you wouldnt of have been born and you like the famous life right?" He said kissing her tiny head.

"Oh mom you are beautiful the way you are and fuck the haters they are your biggest fans." She said.

"Where did that sass come from?" Said Louis laughing.

"I learn from the best." She said pointing at Louis.

I shook my head.

Karen's P.O.V

Wow. Is all I could think. Why would they hate on my mom? She is literally the best person ever. She is nice to everyone she meets and she is really sweet.

"I want to know something dad?" I said.

"Anything." He smiled.

"How did you and my mom meet?" I asked. My mom laughed.

"Well. Baby we met by moving here. I was the most famous person you could meet. Until one day, I went to the soccer field and saw the most beautiful person ever. Alex. She was stunning. Even though she friend zoned me on the first day. We played for a while and she fell. A sprained ankle. I took her to the hospital and I instantly loved her. I knew this would last forever. We had a movie date and everything. The next day I went to her soccer game and asked her out right after the game." He smiled. I knew they were really in love because the way she looks at my dad. Her eyes glow.

The door knocked and I opened it. "HARRY!" I yelled. "I havent seem you in months cupcake." He said hugging me.

"What am I, a piece of dirt?" Asked Brooklyn. "Sorry Auntie." I said hugging her.

"Hey Alex!" She walked over to the table my mom was in. I was texting my boyfriend, Tommy.

From Tommy:

Hey babe wanna meet up? ;)

To: Tommy

Yeah sure. Come and ill tell Harry to pick me up. ;)

I was smiling. "What are you smiling at?" Said my dad.

"Tommy and me are going out." I said fixing my hair.

"Who is Tommy?" Asked Harry.

"Her boyfriend." Said my mom. I chuckled.

"Whoa, hey , ho? When did I ever allow you to have a boyfriend?" Asked Harry.

"When Louis Tomlinson was my dad." I chuckled. He rolled his eyes. My mom was looking at me. "Harry can you take her." She said. Harry rolled his eyes again.

I heard a knock and I ran to the door. "Hey sweetie." It was my Uncles Sam and Dean.

"Hello." I said. "Found this boy lurking through here." Said Sam lifting up Tommy. "Hey babe." He said scared. "Put him down." I chuckled. Sam put him down. I hugged all of them.

"Hey Babysis!" Said Dean running up to my mom. "What car did you take?" She crossed her arms. "My baby of course." Said Dean shrugging. "That is MY car not yours." She said poking him in the chest.

"Babe ready to go?" Said Tommy kissing me. "Yeah. HARRY CAN YOU DRIVE US TO THE FAIR!" I yelled. He nodded and got the keys. We drove to the fair and he stayed for a while.

"Careful beautiful." Said Harry and drove away.

"Lets go have fun." He smirked.

Alex's P.O.V

"What brings you here?" I said. Sam and Dean were here. "We want to stay and meet the whole family." Said Sam hugging me again.

"Well We just didnt want to drive again for the wedding so we are staying here until you get married!" Said Dean.

My eyes widened. I was glad cause I never get to see my brothers.

"Are you kidding me!?" I said. The shook their heads. I hugged them both.

"Hey babe." Said Louis. "We have to go so we will let you have family time." He said smiling. I kissed him and he left.

"So, guys how you been?" I asked.

"Pretty good. I guess. Hows yours?" Said Dean.

"Good and Sam. How is your social life. Making friends?" I joked. Me and Dean joke about this all the time which makes him angry.

"Well..." He said.

"Sam is having girl issues." Laughed Dean. I laughed with him and Sam got up.

"Guys I am bigger and stronger. Do you really want to mess with me?" He said acting all tough

Me and Dean stood on the couch and started making fun of him. He 'cried'.

"Awe does poor wittle Sammy need his mommy?" I asked.

"Nevermind. You guys are my big brothers and to be honest. I am a little scared." I said hiding behind the table.

They chased me around. "SAM DEAN STOP!" I yelled. I collapsed on the couch and they started tickling me.

"S-S-STOP!" I said out of breath.

"I think our job is done here." Said Sam clapping his hands.

Then Louis came back.

"Hey." He said kissing me.

"Well we are going to find a motel nearby. See you later." Said Sam.

I wanted them to stay but since me and Karen are gonna be the only girls here. I am a bit concerned.

"Hey mom." Said Karen slamming the door.

"Hey. How was the date with you and Tommy?" I asked.

"Amazing." She said.

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