after they were here

I've always wanted to write a story, and this is my first attempt at one. I'll try to write as much as possible. this story will have little to no names in it, trying to give it a certain feeling.

anyway, I hope you enjoy!


2. First Night Out

as the sun fell closer and closer to the ground, I had to find somewhere to hide, since staying out at night meant certain death. I began to search through the cars and rubble for a safe place, but with no prevail. All the cars had broken windows which meant no protection, and all the piles of rubble were too tight for me to slide through and hide inside. I found a car that seemed sturdy enough and had most of its windows still intact, but as I opened the door, I realised how vulnerable I actually was when my crowbar accidentally hit the glass and shattered it to pieces. And my search continued. After a long stressful search I finally found something, a blue sports car flipped on its side and pushed up against a wall, which meant that the windows were either crushed shut or pressed against the wall and ground. I ran towards it and climbed up and went straight for the door. I pulled on the handle, but the door was locked. I pulled out the crowbar which was finally going to be an asset instead of a liability, and I jammed it through the side of the door. I stopped to look up at the sky and realised how dark it had gotten, but I was finally safe, I had found a place to stay. as I pulled my gaze back towards the crowbar, I pushed and pushed until it went through. And as I pulled the crowbar to the side I heard something moving inside the car, but by the time I had realised, it was too late, I had already pulled so hard and the door had cracked opened so violently that it made the car shake, that was when my right foot slipped and I fell off the side of the car. And as I fell, even though it only lasted for a few seconds, it felt like hours, and I began to imagine what was in that car. My head was filled with all the different horrors that could possibly emerge from that door, but to make things even worse, I hit my head and blacked out...


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