Dreams,motivations, inspirations and goals will only come to life with a freshened mind and soul instead of an elegiac and morose soul consuming the journey of life


1. Purge

Sakura flowers blooming with glee

Leaves rustling on the ground with rage

Sun scorching skin with mirth

Ah, new season is kicking in

Day by day,we are born anew

Blessed with ideas and full of passion

Yet, at the same time, confounding the mind

With nothing but tangled strings

Looking back at the past

Emotions would always be fickle

Sometimes,break hearts in debris

Yet, enlightening the soul as well

The past haunting memmories

Isolated with nothing but dark ess

Block rays of sublight

Dying to come out and shine

For what took place in the past

May them be let go and taken

As a valuable lesson thus

Vowed not to be repeated

The resilient sparks dying yo come out

With myriads of radiance

Complemented with tint of hues

Are dying to resurface beneath

The dull lifeless dying soul

With the number of days passing

By the expanse stretch of time

May we have a freshened mind and soul

As we take a step to the awaiting journey

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