Where He Went


2. The Office

Sitting in the not so cushioned chair in the office with Aria next to me and Stefan and Ezra on the other side of the room the was an awkward silence. The principal came out and bluntly stated " I called you four into here not to yell at you but to put you guys in a group project. I want you to act like couples and as for you girls, I want you to fake a pregnancy, just for research to see how your peers react..." before he could finish Stefan got up and grabbed my hand, "I have my partner" he said smirking at me "well only if your down Octavia" I looked at Aria and little to my surprise her and Ezra were already holding hands and already agreed. I grabbed his hand and agreed to do the project. the principal was very happy for some reason, "Alright guys im pleased to inform you that you only have to stay here for 4 periods and then you can go home."  Ezra asked when this starts and when can we start to leave. the principal looked around and said today.

"So Babe" Stefan laughed "im actually glad you agreed to do this with me, not because we get to leave early or this counts as our senior project but well I-I..." awe he's kind of nervous talking to me. "i um I wanted to get to know you since our freshman year and well Ezzy didn't want me to say anything but he wanted to get closer to Aria so I guess this worked out."

     Wow he wants to know me. this is so exciting, I cant wait to tell Aria!

"well you got nine months to get to" I said with a smirk on my face.

'Ding Ding Ding'

we got up and headed to class, and for some odd reason all four of us were every single class together. at the end of fourth period we went to the office to sign out but before we could leave the principal came out. "im sorry to stop you guys right now but I need to tell you guys you actually have to act like a couple and go on dates and just make this believable, as for you girls Ive hired someone to make your "Baby bumps." 

wow this is a lot to take in. we all just shook our head and grabbed each others hands and exited the school. Aria was to go to the first "baby doctor appointment" with Ezra and I was to go with Stefan. Aria and I didn't have a car but luckily the boys did. I hopped in the passenger side of Stefan's Matte Black Dodge Challenger and I looked at the pearl white Camaro that was Ezra's. Stefan and I followed close behind them to our 'appointment'. I hadn't noticed before but Stefan and I were still holding hands. I liked it so I didn't move. it was quiet for a while before he spoke, "you don't mind if I keep my hand here?" he said smiling. "ehhh I don't know" I said teasing. he broke our grip and put his hand on my leg so, I managed to intertwine our fingers while his hand still somehow rested on my knee. "i knew you wanted to hold my hand" he smirked at me. I just rolled my eyes and with my free hand picked up my phone to text Aria.

'omg Stefan is holding my hand'

'no way! lol. Ezra is literatly the sweetest person ive met in my life :).'

'I take offense to that lol :) but I think I already have feelings for Stefan'

'you know what I mean and oh goodness I feel you on that girly'

'ill talk to you soon xo -O'

'See you soon lovely ox -A'




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