Where He Went


9. The Hospital

We arrived at the hospital about 15 minuets later. Aria got out and I helped her into the emergency room. "Hi, her name name is Aria Morgan" i pointed to Aria who was sitting with her legs crossed. "She is pregnant, and she began bleeding alot while she was getting ready." The lady at the desk nodded her head and motioned Aria to come to a back room. "I need you to stay in the waiting room. i will come get you when we know whats wrong." i nodded my head and sat in a chair. About 15 minutes later Ezra and Stefan came rushing through the doors, they seen me and Ran over. "Is she going to be ok. is the baby going to be ok. Octavia what is happening." i looked up at Ezra. "Sit down. i dont know anything. just please stop yelling and sit down." Stefan sat down and held my hand. Ezra sat next to me and held my other hand. We sat there for about an hour untill the nurse came out. "I'm looking for Octavia." i jumped put of my seat and rushed to her. "Yes, thats me, is everything ok?" she gave me a smile and nodded her head yes. "Aria is requesting you and only you, she wants to tell you personally what happened, please come with me." I turned and looked at Stefan and Ezra, i held up a finger and walked theough the double doors with the nurse. we got to room 7 and the nurse pulled back the curtain, Aria was sitting there with no emotion on her face just watching the TV. i walked in "Aria, what happened are you and the baby ok?" she looked at me and smiled, "Were both fine." i walked to the side of her bed, "so tell me why were you bleeding?" she sat up, "I guess some people bleed. not normally as much as i did but they bleed, but im fine and so is the baby." i stepped closer, "So why did you want me in here, and just me? her face shifted, "Octavia, i wanted only you because im scared, i dont want ezra to know, but i am terrified. I cant do this. what if he or she hate's me? or what if I mess up. im still in high school, I cant support the baby. I need help Octavia I cant do this alone." I walked closer to her and gave her a hug. "Your never alone, ever. I promise you, you have Me and we both know im not going anywhere. and you have Ezra and Stefan, don't worry Aria you will never be alone. your baby is going to love you." she let me go "Thank you so much Octavia, really, I don't where id be without you." I hugged her once more, "Ok now, lets see about getting you out of here!" I walked to the nurses station "Hi im with Aria Morgan, she would like to know when she can be discharged." the nurse started typing in her computer, "Ok ill send a nurse in with some papers for her to sign, she should be in shortly." I smiled, "thank you" I started walking back to Aria's room and I heard someone yelling. HELP ME, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I NEED HELP NOW! RIGHT NOW! AHHHHH IT HURTS, HELP PLEASE! I looked at the nurses who were all on the computers, or on their phones. I rushed up to the counter "DONT YOU HEAR THAT WOMAN CALLING FOR HELP! GET UP AND HELP HER. NOW! GET UP!" one of the nurses began to laugh, "Don't worry about her, she is fine, she is just a druggie who cant get anything off the street so she comes here to try and get high off of pain medication. Security is on there way." I laughed a little, "I am so sorry." they laughed somemore, "believe us, you are not the first one. its ok." I walked back into aria's room. a nurse was already in the room with her discharge papers. Aria signed the papers and ten we were out the door. Stefan and Ezra already had our cars pulled up in front of the hospital. it was about 10pm and I was tired. I climbed into the car and Stefan drove home. I went upstairs and put my PJ's on, thank god for comfy clothes. I crawled into bed and instantly fell asleep.

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