Where He Went


4. The Cabin

We walked in the house to find blood, we searched the whole house. We were about to give up when we heard a boat start up in the back, we raised our guns and ran to the back. there was a man with an odd shaped figure which we presumed to be our 'doctor'. "Stefan i have a shot, should I take it..." there was a long pause "STEFAN SHOULD I TAKE IT!" Ezra looked at Stefan and he was shaking his head, "yeah take it" Bang. i guess ezra wasnt aming to kill because the Man grabbed his arm and somehow turned the boat around and was now heading twords us. Stefan reached in his pocket and pulled out his keys, he grabbed my hand and gave me his keys, "Run" he kissed me on my forehead "Run and dont come back, we will meet you at Jerrys diner, be there at 12, if were not there by 3 get the cops and come back here. ok?" i nodded my head and then me and Aria ran.

We made it to jerrys at about 12:50. they're not here yet. i looked at Aria to see the tears coming to her eyes. "C'mon A, we have to give them time but you have to stop crying." she nodded her head and once she was dont we walked in. "Table for 4, the other 2 should be meeting us soon." i looked over at Aria and i could tell she wanted to cry. the Waitress walked us to a corner table that had a huge window right infront of the entrance, Perfect. we sat and stared at our menus hoping to see that pearly white Camaro. We had to act normal, so I ordered a chocolate milkshake and Aria got a strawberry milkshake. We ate really slow, by the time we were done it was about 2:50 and we walked out to the car. just as we were about to get in, the boys pulled up. Ive never felt pure happiness till I seen them pull up. instinctively I ran up to the parked car, Stefan got out of the car and hugged me, we stood there for what seemed like a really long time. When we finally broke apart we looked at Ezra and Aria and she was crying into his arms and telling him how scared she was. When everyone calmed down a bit we knew it was late so we had to think of something.

"Why don't we go home?" Aria looked at the rest of us, Ezra's arm around her. "Well A, we cant go home because first of all its almost 3:30 am and our parents will freak." I looked at Ezra and Stefan and hoped they had a plan. "Well maybe we can just stay at a hotel for tonight and just go home in the morning?" I don't know why but we all agreed with Ezra. We hopped in the car's, Stefan and I, and Aria and Ezra and headed to the closest hotel near us. the Woodworks hotel.

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