Where He Went


6. the BAU

"What are you talking about?" I looked at my dad who is very good at keeping a straight face. "well octopus, we know you guys never look at your keychains anymore. we never left town, we have stayed here, your principal called us and told us about your 'project' so we took it upon ourselves to train you incase something ever were to happen. so we hired someone to fake kill your doctor and that is the guy Ezra 'shot' now don't worry darling, your boys didn't know about it. Your 'doctor' is not dead and neither is that man. im tired of saying that man, the man was the boys father. they are getting told right now. there father is a gun man for the BAU and that's why the guns were in the trunk. can you give me Stefan's keys?" I looked at my dad with nothing but pure anger, I looked at Aria and I could tell her face matched mine. "Why?" i had a blank stare and Stefans keys tightly gripped in my hand. "Because we need our things back that are in his trunk." i slammed the keys onto his desk. he called someone in that took his keys. i took out my phone to text Stefan, but he already Text me.

Well i suppose your father told you everything too. when you get out of there go home and get some clothes, i have a surprise for you. meet me and Ezzy at Smokey Bones and we will tell you more, cant wait to see your beautiful face. -Stefan

yeah he did. im really pissed. but okay :) we'll see you guys soon. xo-O

"Well everything is out, you guys can leave. but please don't be upset with us." i snatched Stefan's keys out of my dad's hand and we left. we got in the elevator. "i can not believe that! its crazy. at least no one is dead." i looked and aria laughed, "yeah." we walked past the lady at the front desk to drop off our badges. "Bye girls." we turned around "bye." we got in the car and headed home to grab things, since our dads are gone at work a lot they got a house together so me and Aria could live with each other. so really they bought a 4 bedroom house for Aria and myself. we pulled up the drive way and my phone buzzed.

Make sure you guys bring a bathing suit too :) and hurry up, i miss you. -S

i smiled and put my phone down. i got out of the car and went to my room i packed my stuff and told A to grab a bathing suit and to meet me in the car in 10 minuets. i walked downstairs and grabbed a water bottle and made Aria a to-go cup of coffee and waited in the car for Aria. she came out a few minuets later. we put our things in the trunk and made our way to Smokey bones. i kept circling the parking lot, but i couldn't find Ezra's car. So i just parked and walked in. "were here to meet..." before i could finish the waitress laughed. "your here to meet Ezra and Stefan, i know they told me what you looked like, right this way." we followed the waitress to a corner booth where she put our menus on the table and the boys greeted us. "hey! i couldn't find your car." i laughed and the others joined in. "well that was kind of our surprise, our dad hates to lie to us so he got us each a new car." Stefan looked at the keys in my hand and grabbed them he took some house key off and handed them back to me. "why did you hand this back to me?" i looked at Aria, Ezra was giving her his keys too. "uh Hello? am i speaking gibberish. why did you hand me your keys?" he began to laugh. "well babe, there not my keys, they are yours now" i looked at him and i could feel myself getting hot. what does he think i am. a charity case. "WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE, CHARITY CASES THAT CANT GET OUR OWN CARS! what is it Stefan. Are we! huh? why are you doing this" at this point i was yelling, "Well Stefan! what is it. WHAT IS IT!" i looked at Aria and could tell she was feeling the same way. i scooted over Stefan. i stood up. "i don't know what you think i am. i can get my own car." i slammed the keys on the table. Aria just set Ezra's down, she is a lot nicer than me. i walked out and started walking to the mall, i don't know why. but i started walking that way. "can you believe that! they must think we're a charity case and we cant do things on our own." Aria just nodded her head, we walked into the food court and got some pretzels and sat down. we sat for a while in silence when the boys came and sat next to us, enclosing us in the booth. i tried to get out but Stefan wouldn't let me. "just listen. we don't think your a charity case, we know you can do it on your own, we understand that. were not stupid!" this was the first time ive ever heard Stefan yell. "Im sorry Octavia, i am truly sorry, i can go sell the car. i was trying to do something nice for you. im so tired of you saying your not a charity case. i know your not and i don't mean to make you feel that way, im just a nice person. Damn." Ezra looked around, "we don't think that about you guys what so ever, believe us we were just trying to help. were sorry again." he put his old keys to the Camaro on the table and Stefan did the same except there was and extra key on them, it was like a house key. "when you are done throwing your tantrum's text us to get the address of where we will be, these keys will unlock the door." Stefan kissed my head and Ezra did the same. they got up and walked out. After we got done eating we decided to do some retail therapy. while shopping i decided to text Stefan.

Im really sorry Stefan. i need you to understand i don't have the best temper and im trying to fix it. Please please forgive me? -O

not even minuet later i got a text.

Its ok, i forgive you, we will talk more when you get here. 2319 Ella lee lane. Im sorry too O. i didn't mean to yell. but um i need to tell you something. something important. -S

'Yeah, see you soon. -O'

"hey O, you almost ready to leave?" i looked and aria was standing infront of me holding like 10 bags. "yeah im ready, we need to go before you go broke." i laughed and we headed to the parking lot, i guess they moved the cars into this parking lot because they were right there. i got in Stefans.... well my car and told aria to follow me. we drove for about an hour to a house, there was a Newer White Challenger, and a red Charger. well i guess were at the right house, i pulled in the driveway and aria pulled in next to me. we got out and walked to the front door. "Suprise!" i looked at Aria to see her face, i think she was just as shocked as i was. "hey, uhm, whats the suprise?" i looked at Stefan while he was walking my way With Flowers, "Well babe, Ezra and myself bought a house, and since were a couple, i was going to see if you wanted to move in with me? i mean if you say no that would be fine too." i looked at Aria who was already jumping up and down. "Uh, let me talk to Aria. Aria can i have a word with you, Now!" Aria and I walked to the car and climbed in, "Aria what the hell are you thinking! we cant move in with 2 guys we just met a couple days ago! I mean yeah they are nice and everything but c'mon, they are too nice. and why would they get a 3 bedroom house, why three if were a couple wouldn't they get a 2 bedroom." Aria's weight shifted, i really need to quit profiling my best friend. "Octavia there is something i need to tell you, i didn't tell you before because i feel like you were going to hate me and look at me different and never talk to me again and..." i put my hand up, "What is it? you know you can tell me anything Aria." I seen the tears come to her eyes. Im really hoping she isn't about to say what i think she is going to say. "Im pregnant Octavia, and its Ezra's."

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