Where He Went


3. the appointment

We were driving down this long sketchy dirt road that seemed never ending. "So um Octavia,i have a question. And like i know its soon and everything but i still wanna ask" Stefan had a mellow tone but it still brought me out if my daze. "Yeah,whats up?" His face turned extremely red and his grip on my hand seemed to loosen a bit. im not sure if im gonna like what he is gonna say. "Well i-i was um thinking if we could actually give u-us a try. like actually us no pretending. i feel like i would be truely happy with you and i-i just feel like i need to be with you and well..." i gripped his hand a little bit harder and kissed him on the cheek, and his face turned bright red. i feel like if he was in competition with a tomato he would definitely win.

wow im Stefan Lockwoods girlfriend. this has to be a dream.

After he said what he did, i had a small smile on my face, we sat there in silence, it wasnt an awkward silence, it was a nice silence. we pulled up to a small cabin in the woods. it wasnt creepy, it looked like it was just built. so it wasnt scary. the house was actually really nice. i was sitting there in a daze when my door opened. "Well hello dreamer, we're here" I didnt even notice Stefan let me hand go and Aria and Ezra were standing infront of the car. i giggled a bit "oops, i guess i was just thinking. Why is a house this nice in the middle of the woods." everyone seemed to now notice how nice the house was "yeah its weird. maybe shes a Murderer or a drug dealer" Stefan laughed and the others joined in. he held his hand out and i grabbed it and got out. our fingers interlocked and Ezra and Aria began to walk but suddenly stopped. "well you two are quite cozy" Ezra pointed out out hands. "yeah you guys are" Aria giggled and grabbed Ezras hand. i shot her a look that said something along the lines of shut up ill tell you later. we all started walking up and Ezra rang the doorbell. A woman that looked no older than 25 opened the door, "Hello! you must be our lovely Pregnancy project!" "Yeah we are!" Aria chirped. "well do come in, i have drinks or food. just make yourself at home!" we all kida looked at eachother and slowly walked in.

After about an hour of talking the woman took our measurements for our 'belly'. once she was done we talked a little more and then left, by that time it was about 4. We all just stood by the car and talked, "well she might not be a drug dealer but she is definitely on drugs." Stefan looked back at the house. he quickly looked back down and whispered "get in the car and don't do anything suspicious, just drive " he walked and opened my door and quickly walked to his, Aria And Ezra got in their car and we drove down the road. i wonder what that was about, before i could ask my phone buzzed.

'What was that about?'

'I have no idea, i was going to ask him but you texted me. he's not acting himself. He's not even holding my hand anymore.'

'Well ask him! Ezra said tell him to call him through Bluetooth.'

'ok, ill tell him. Xox -O'

'oxo -A'

I looked at Stefan, he had a tight grip on the wheel. I put my hand out and he grabbed it. "Hey what was wrong back there. are you ok?" right before he could answer his phone rung. he Bluetoothed it through the car. "Hello"

"Hey Man, are you ok, why did you tell us to get in the car and not to act suspicious?"

"When i looked back at the house and that woman was standing in her window, but it looked like she was bleeding and there was something behind her and i didnt wanna freak you guys out, but i think there was someone else in that house." i felt Sefans hand get tighter and i just rubbed the back of it with my thumb.

"Damn why didnt you say anything? we have to go back." just as Ezra said that his brake lights shined and he pulled a U-Turn and Stefan followed. we got back to the house and just put the cars in park. We stared at each other when Stefan and Ezra walked to the trunks of their car. i walked over and stood near Aria "im scared" i looked at her "me too". just then The boys called us back we walked and gasped. They had guns in the back of their car. "we cant explain why we have this but here" Ezra handed us pistols and him and Stefan had assault rifles. we all put on what i assumed to be bullet proof vests and began to walk twords the house. We then heard a Screaming coming from the house. Stefan and Ezra began running and Aria and I bgan to jog behind. we stood at the door of the house. Ezra kissed Aria's forehead, and Stefan kissed me on the lips. just then we slowly opened the door and was not ready for what we seen...


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