Where He Went


1. Oh Boy!

Wow! its finally my senior year in high school and I have no idea what I want to do after high school. My best friend Aria got accepted into 4 colleges. I hate to tell her but I am so jealous. well enough of that jealousy stuff that's my bestfriend and I am soooo proud of her.

       Here I am, back in this hell hole, its the first day and im already tired of being here. I started to make my way down the hall to the same homeroom ive had since freshman year. just as I was about to open the door I heard an oh so familiar voice, "Octaviaaaaa! hey girly! I missed you so much, I mean even though we went shopping last night for last minuet things it seems like forever!"  Aria is always so chipper in the morning, I think she needs to lay off the coffee. Me on the other hand, im the complete opposite im a Debbie downer and I don't like to wake up until 3 in the afternoon. "hey Aria, yeah yeah I missed you too, blah blah. can we just get this over with so I can go home and take a nap."

       Its Friday, and I don't get it why have the first day of school on a Friday, I guess its a redwood high tradition like hey guys lets piss everyone off and have the very first day of school on a Friday. I should quit blabbing to myself before people begin to think Im crazy.  Aria and I Began to make our way down the hall when she stopped and quickly turned.

       "C'mon Ar do you have first day jitters." I teased. I looked down the hallway to see why she turned and ran. Ezra and Stefan Lockwood. The hottest Senior twins like ever! Aria totally had the hots for Ezra but I definitely liked Stefan way more.

'Ding Ding Ding'

Damnit, first day and im late to homeroom because I was in a daze. I took off down the hall when a large figure running the opposite way crashed into me. "What the hell. don't you watch where your going." I look up to see Stefan picking up his books. "I-Im sorry I was in a daze and ended up being late and..." before I could continue our eyes locked. "Oh im sorry I thought you were a freshman. your Octavia right?"


"Yeah" I giggled a little which made him smile showing his perfect white teeth. ugh why is he so perfect. "im sorry that I ran into you, and made you drop your books, and crack your phone screen." he said his cheeks slightly pink. omg he is blushing because of me! "its ok I ran into you too, and made you drop your books, and as for my phone, oh goodness it has been cracked for a long time, I just haven't went to get it fixed." I said and I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

'Stefan Lockwood, Ezra Lockwood, Aria Morgan, Ovtavia Reed. please report to the main office. NOW!'

"oh shit were in so much trouble" Stefan began to laugh as he picked up my phone and put his number in it. " text me sometime and maybe we can go out" he got up and started to the office. "Well Ms. Reed are you coming or are you just going to sit there and stare at me?" oops I didn't even notice I was staring. that is sooo embarrassing. "Awe you think I was staring at you, that's cute. and for your information Mr. Lockwood, you have a nice ass" I started laughing and got up. Then we started our journey to the office.

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