Where He Went


8. Dinner.

I guess I fell asleep because I woke up and Stefan was gone, I sat up and seen it was about 5:30pm. Fuck. I checked my phone.

'When you wake up, I left an outfit in the bathroom for you to wear. We have reservations at 8. call me when you wake up, Ezra and I are getting haircuts right now, Aria should still be home. -S'

'Omg Octavia wake up! -S'

'Wake up, I miss your face! -S'

I laughed a little and called Stefan, I told him I woke up. I found my underwear and grabbed one of Stefan's oversized shirts. I walked in Aria's room and found her sleeping. "Aria! wake up. I have to tell you something before the guys get back. ARIA!" she rolled over, "Octavia if It is something stupid, im going to kill you." I climbed on the bed indian style, "Ok well first of all we have to be ready for dinner at 7:30 so as soon as im done get ready. but so earlier I asked Stefan a bunch of questions and then the next thing I know, we started having sex!" Aria sat up extremely fast "NO WAY! are you serious?" I laughed, "Yes! it was great!" "Well you need to go get ready and so do I, so tell me more if we have time?"  I got up, "You got it dude!" I walked out and went back to my room and into my room. I cleaned up our clothes that were on the floor and put them in the hamper in the bathroom. I got in the shower when the bathroom door opened. Stefan walked in and popped his head in the shower. "Im back" I laughed and flicked some water on his face, "I see that, can you grab a bra and a pair of underwear for me." he laughed and walked out. I guess ill take that as a yes. I got out the shower and started drying my hair. Stefan opened the door, "Um babe what kind of ones do you want. I laughed and went  out and grabbed some because obviously I have to teach him what is what. I came back in the bathroom and couldn't find my clothes. it was about 6:25. "STEFAN!" he popped his head in the bathroom door with a smirk on his face. "Yes darling?" I laughed. why is he so cheesy. "Where did my clothes go?" he laughed and walked into the room. "Stefan give me my clothes!" I walked out of the bathroom in a bra and underwear. he looked at me and it looked like he just locked the door. "Stefan?" he walked over and picked me up. "ill give you your clothes later."  he put me down but kept my clothes in his hand. I rolled my eyes and walked in the bathroom and did my hair and make up. by the time I was done it was about 7. "Stefan, can I please have my clothes." I walked out to find him sleeping. why is he always sleeping. "Stefan, wake up. We need to leave in a half hour. WAKE UP." he rolled over and handed me my clothes. he bought me a light pink dress, black heels, and  a long necklace. he did good. I laughed and put a nude pink bow in my hair and pinned some hair back. I walked out the bathroom. "wow. you look beautiful. like absolutely amazing." I smiled. "Thanks Stefan. you don't look too bad yourself. c'mon lets go talk to A and Ezra." I started walking down the hall and I heard Aria. "OCTAVIA! EZRA! STEFAN! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! OCTAVIA! OCTAVIA PLEASE!. I kicked off my heels and ran into Aria's bathroom. I found her crying. "Hey! what's wrong. are you ok?" Stefan ran in behind me. "I don't know why but I think Im on my period. and im not supposed to, IM PREGNANT! where is Ezra, I need to go to the hospital. Octavia please take me to the hospital. Stefan please find Ezra." Stefan nodded his head and ran out of the room. I helped Aria up off of the floor. I picked up a pair of flip flops and gave them to her. while she put them on I went in the hall way and grabbed my heels. I went back to Aria's room and helped her into my car.

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