Amnesia [C.H]

"This is a song about a girl named Amnesia." -Calum Hood-

Amnesia is the ring name of the only female fighter of the underground fighting world that hasn't been broken down by the men she has fought. But even if she tries to stay strong she always seems to have weak knees and open walls around Calum. As much as she tries to fight against falling for a rich boy she fears its too late. If only that was her only problem.
The story of the fighting love between Calum hood and a girl called Amnesia.


4. Chapter 4- A Linda Type of Person

This may be confusing because the chapter starts in the afternoon but then ends with it being earlier in the morning. So it's okay to be confused! Comment questions and i'll answer what I can!

Calum walked through the isle of Harry's Grocer without really looking for anything. His fridge was full but he was hungry and couldn't help but drop by on his way home from school. He turned into the isle he was looking for. There was everything from Poptarts, to chips, to Oreos.

"Hey!" He heard from behind him. It was Nesa. "What are you doing here?"

Calum smiled and waved but before he could say anything she interrupted him.

"You know what? Don't answer that was a stupid question this store only sells food." She said. Calum laughed while Nesa flattened out her red collared shirt.

"I think this is the first time that I've seen you in your own shirt, Nesa." Calum then noticed the name tag on her left side. "Or Linda. Huh, you don't hit me as a Linda type of person. I thought it would be something a lot more edgy. Like Blaze or I don't know something."

"Ha, Ha, Ha." She said sarcastically, though she did find it amusing. "See, I'd join in but my name isn't Linda. Linda is 60 years old and left work early today to get a perm."

"So, this isn't your shirt?"

"No," Nesa grumbled. "There were some stupid 12 year old boys in here with water guns this morning. I couldn't kick them out either because it was 'a honest accident.' God, I hate twelve year old boys."

Calum laughed and then looked at what was lying in her right hand. "Do you need help with that?" It was a few boxes of the store's pudding that Calum knew was on meant for the top shelf. This was the first time he had really noticed her height. She wasn't short like most of the girls in Concord, who were almost all 5'2 at the most, Nesa had to be at least 5'8. Calum had asked the question without really thinking but now he realized she could reach that shelf as easily as he could.

By the raised eyebrow on Nesa's face said she knew that, too.

"What about a ride home?" Calum said. "I'm ready to leave as soon as you are."

"Nice try, Richie rich. I don't get out till eight." Nesa paused and then got an idea. "Are you free tonight?"

Calum was caught off guard and didn't know how to respond. He knew Nesa had a boyfriend, and that her question wasn't going to be what he was thinking, but still his mouth went dry and his palms began to sweat. "I-Uh- Yeah. Yeah, I don't have anything to do. Why?"

"We are going to a club." Neva waved and then turned to leave.

"Woah, woah, woah!" Calum said and ran up to her grabbing her left shoulder. She flinch under his touch and jumped away. Calum froze with wide eyes as Nesa rubbed her shoulder.

"I'm fine." Nesa assured him. "I had a rough fight last night. Just pick me up here at eight, okay?"

Calum nodded. He now felt uneasy and his previous hunger was now replaced with nausea. He couldn't think about her going to the ring, again. But soon her laugh broke him from his grimace and gave him light.

"We are getting so wasted tonight!"

OoOoOo A Few Hours Before OoOoOo

Neva shut the front door behind her. Her shoulder was throbbing from the fight she was returning from. She started slowly walking up the stairs, she didn't want to wake to boys who were probably hung over and angry. Her fingers fumbled with the rips at the bottom of her - Calum's shirt. She couldn't lie, she loved that shirt. She had worn it almost everyday after her fights.


Neva cursed under her breath. She tuned to see Blake leaning against the wall. His eyes were blood shot and it was obvious he hadn't been sleeping so he was still drunk.

"Hey." She replied cautiously. It was no mystery that Blake had anger issues, and alcohol fueled him like gasoline to fire.

"Where were you? I waited for you." Nesa would have thought he would have at least remembered she was at the ring almost every night. Usually he was there with her. "Nesa!"

His strong voice shocked her from her thoughts. She could see his eyes were dark. Nesa wasn't scared of Blake, but he was different when he was drunk.

"Where were you. I waited up for you but now it's got to be 5am. Who's shirt is that?"

Nesa could feel sweat gathering on the back of her neck. Her cheeks were reddening with embarrassment. She didn't want to tell Blake about Calum but she couldn't lie to him.

"It's just a friends shirt. Don't worry, Blake."

"Who's shirt, Nesa."

"A friends-"

"What is their name, Nesa!"

Blake was furious. The anger seemed to come off in waves and Nesa knew she had to choose her words carefully."

"His name is Calum." Blakes eyes blazed. "Blake, wait, listen! He gave it to me a few weeks ago-"

"You've been seeing some scum named Calum?! What does he do?! Clean the floors of the ring? Wash your blood from the mats?"

"No, Blake, Calum isn't a scum. He's actually - he's just a friend."

"Actually? Nesa, you know I hate when you change mid sentence." Blake growled. "What is he actually doing, Nesa?"

When she didn't reply Blake hit the wall then grabbed Nesa. He put her against the wall and glared harder. "Answer me, Nesa!"

"He's attending College." Nesa said quickly. Blake was never like this with her. He wasn't careful with her because he knew she was strong, but he would almost never yell at her - especially like this.

Blake's eyes hardened. Nesa didn't like Rich boys but Blake truly hated them.

"So you're using him for money?"

"What?! No! Blake-"

"Why the hell else would you be with a rich boy! They will only use you, Nesa! How could you be so stupid!"

"I'm not stupid, Blake! Calum is just a friend!"

"I want you to remember that everyone in this house saved you. That without us you could be starving in the streets. You would be no good to-"

"Blake, that is enough!"

"It was hard, Nesa! We didn't have the money to feed an extra mouth when you did nothing! We all worked harder at the ring those first few months! Archy lost all hearing in one ear - All for you!"

"Blake, I'm not making some huge mistake here -" Nesa tried to reason.

"Yes you are!" Blake argued back. "We did that once because we promised Sin. But sure as hell won't let the boys go theough that again if you get lost because of Calum." Blake said his name with such poison.

"Blake, please go to bed. You'll regret this after you sleep."

Blake was ready to argue back and keep yelling, but instead he stepped away from Nesa and brushed some hair from her face. The one thing Blake couldn't do, was stay mad at Nesa when she had such big brown eyes.

"Come on." Blake said grabbing Nesa's hand and pulling her to his room.

Nesa was sure Blake would regret this in the morning. That didn't mean she could forget it. It was true.

Archy lost his hearing for her. He had always been close to Sin, she knew he would have the other ear and an eye or him.

Nate had broken all the fingers on his right hand and though they healed he couldn't fight for a month - that was a lot of money lost.

Then Luke. He helped her through everything. He was the one who found her, curled up into a ball on the sidewalk in front of Seven Eleven. He knew who she was when he saw her. They had grown up in the same neighborhood and would walk to school with one another. He didn't even have to ask if she had a place to stay. He could tell by her severely chapped lips and swollen red eyes.

Luke had been with her everyday since. Even though Nesa loved Blake, there would always be a special place in her heart for Luke. In the strongest section; right next to Sin.

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