Amnesia [C.H]

"This is a song about a girl named Amnesia." -Calum Hood-

Amnesia is the ring name of the only female fighter of the underground fighting world that hasn't been broken down by the men she has fought. But even if she tries to stay strong she always seems to have weak knees and open walls around Calum. As much as she tries to fight against falling for a rich boy she fears its too late. If only that was her only problem.
The story of the fighting love between Calum hood and a girl called Amnesia.


2. Chapter 2- Frosted Flakes

Nesa woke with a crank in her neck and a surprisingly quiet house. Usually when she would wake up to the many sounds that live with five boys from the ring would bring. There was always the sound of fists hitting walls, drunken yelling and -unfortunately- the yells of girls when the boys kick them out in the morning. The sounds weren't the worst part - the smells were. Nesa grabbed onto the many pillows she was lying on. She didn't remembering them ever being as comfortable as they were then. Come to think of it, she only remember having one pillow.

Then her eyes snapped opened and she had a mini heart attack. At first she couldn't remember where she was or how she had gotten into the most comfortable bed she'd ever slept on. But all at once everything about Calum came back to her.

She hadn't been kidding when she said she had been worried for him. People at the ring didn't like rich boys. There were already a few who had been staring at Calum and she knew that if she hadn't stepped in he would be bloody and bruised lying in some alley. She wouldn't have helped him except for the fact he looked as though just being there was killing him. Just because she was fighter didn't mean she loved to see people in pain.

She slowly made her way to the door Calum had told her was her bathroom. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and felt disgusted. Her hair had was frizzy and half out of her pony tail. She turned her face to the side and saw the green bruise decorating her jaw from last nights fight. She was still not wearing a shirt which suddenly made her a bit self conscious. She thought she must seem like a rugged girl who wants to seal your wallet to Calum.

She was shocked by her thoughts and also angry. She shouldn't care what Calum thought of her. He was just some greedy rich boy living on his own while he attended college. The thought made her sick. She had to work all week, fight every other night, and could barely keep up her end of rent while caring for other matters of her life. She didn't have parents who'd be her guardian or pay for her living essentials. She was her own person making her own living - and she was proud of that.

She messily fixed her ponytail because she didn't really care what Calum would think of it. Then she made her way down stairs where Calum was reading the paper on his tablet and eating cereal. His back was to her and he hadn't heard her walk in.

"Morning." Nesa said.

Calum was startled and almost choked on his cereal. He spun to face her and gave a close mouthed smile while his cheeks where still filled with milk and frosted flakes. "Hey," Calum said then cleared his throat. "Do you want some cereal?"

Nesa suddenly felt a bit self conscious being in only her bra and her hair still a bit messy. She regretted not putting it up neatly - and asking for a shirt the night before. Calum was thinking the same about her no-shirt situation because though he didn't mind, he knew she wasn't comfortable.

"You know, I didn't take you as a frosted flakes type of guy." Nesa attempted at a joke but still stood awkwardly at the doorframe rubbing her arm. She knew she shouldn't be awkward or nervous. She was Amnesia, a strong fighter, a confident girl, and not someone who's gonna be staying with this rich boy any longer. She had to get out of there.

"Once a kid always a kid." Calum said and put another spoon full in his mouth. Little did he know Nesa hadn't had much of a childhood.

"Do you think you could drive me to the hospital?"

Nesa instantly regretted her choice of words. Rich boys always ask questions. She knew he would be interrogating her any moment. But it wasn't any of his business and she wouldn't be giving answers.

She could see calum tense and slowly put his spoon into his bowl. He got up and put it in the sink - never looking at her.

"Uh, yah, sure. Do you umm, maybe want a shirt?" He asked with a small chucked and turned to face her.

He was defiantly surprising her. He wasn't asking her a thousand questions or calling her a freak for wanting to go to a hospital. Even better his eyes held no pity - and luckily stayed glued to hers - there was defiantly curiosity swirling in them but she was thankful he didn't voice it.

"I do." She said nervously and subconsciously crossed her arms over her sports bra.

Within twenty minutes Calum and Nesa both sat - fully clothed - in the front of Calum's red truck which he had luckily retrieved early that morning. The ride was awkward and neither could figure out what to say to make it interesting.

"Hey, can you hand me that water by your feet?" Calum asked trying to make the car not filled with deafening silence.

Nesa looked away form the purposely ripped Nirvana shirt Calum had given her to the disgusting sandals she had on. You couldn't wear shoes in the ring when you fought so they were easy to get on and off. They'd originally been her brother's shoes so they didn't fit her feet but they weren't big enough to be constantly falling off her. She reached down to pick up the water and hit her head on the dash board when she got up.

"Ouch!" She grounded and handed the water to Calum who laughed at her clumsiness.

"You're a fighter that shouldn't hurt!" He said and then took a sip from the water bottle she'd handed him.

"Being a fighter doesn't make you invincible to all pain." Nesa huffed. "If I stubbed my toes I'd still want to curse the world."

Her face heated at her comment. She wasn't supposed to say any of that. Calum should think of her as strong and invincible so he would know not the mess with her. She had just ruined that by clearing stating she was only human. But she knew that Rich boys don't look at poor girls as humans though, they see them as targets.

Calum pulled up to the Hospitals drop off and was sad and slightly worried to say goodbye. He didn't think it was right for her to be fighting and he wanted to say that. He also knew she wouldn't want him preying in her business. But it wasn't right for her to be someone's punching bag. The bruise on her jaw and slightly crooked nose angered him and made him clutch the steering wheel several times along the journey so he didn't tell her what to do with her life.

"Thank you, Calum. I really appreciate it." Nesa said and opened the door about to step out when Calum spoke and startled her.

"Nesa!" He called only expecting her to stop not hit her head on the door frame. She gave another small cry and groan as she put both hands on her hand. Calum had then lost his confidence to tell her it wasn't right for her to fight and now didn't know what to say. "Just uh, try to look where you're going."

He laughed and pointed to his head in the general area she'd now bumped twice in the ride there.

"I'll try to keep that in mind." She gave him a small smile and walked through the door and up to a receptionist's desk.

Calum drove off and as he was about to leave the drop off lane he dropped his water into the passenger seat and realized there was a big collection of dollars sitting on the seat. And they defiantly weren't his. He cursed and did a most defiantly illegal turn into the parking section and quickly pulled into an open spot.

As he walked through the doors he was greeted by a blast of cool air. He soon spotted Nesa who was close to the brink of tears. Calum could hear her arguing with a receptionist and the grumbles of those she was keeping. waiting behind her.

"Please Ms." Nesa begged. "I swear I had it! Can you please just do it now and I'll pay in two weeks. I'll have all of it I swear! Please-"

"Young Lady this is no way to be acting. I need the money in order for the doctors to-"

"But I had the money!" Nesa tried to tell her. Even she knew her argument was invalid. "I'll have in two weeks - maybe a week and a half! Just please, please, please..."

"If you don't give me money or leave this line within ten seconds I'm going to call security."

The defeated look on Nesa's face broke Calum out of his trance and made him quickly speed walk towards her.

"Wait!" He said as she started to step out of the way. Calum slapped the money on the table. "This is hers she dropped it. But it's all there. She can pay."

The lady behind the counter grabbed the money and turned around to file it.

Nesa was so over come with joy. Calum had no clue what he had just done. When she noticed the money was gone she thought he would be driving away laughing with the money falling all around him. Never in a million years had she thought a rich boy would give instead of take.

The second Calum turned to face her she tightly rapped her arms around him and put her face into his shoulder. She was close to crying again but this time from joy. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She cried kissing his cheek and pulling him closer. "I really appreciate this. I really appreciate you."

She had to let go because receptionist needed her to sign papers and they needed to talk more about things Calum knew were none of his business. Because of this he rubbed her back and gave her a smile so he was silently saying goodbye and not interrupting her conversation.

She smiled back and gave him a very fast hug. Then he was out the door.

Calum was glad he had helped her but still was feeling uneasy about the bruise on her face and how he knew soon she'd be getting more.

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