Amnesia [C.H]

"This is a song about a girl named Amnesia." -Calum Hood-

Amnesia is the ring name of the only female fighter of the underground fighting world that hasn't been broken down by the men she has fought. But even if she tries to stay strong she always seems to have weak knees and open walls around Calum. As much as she tries to fight against falling for a rich boy she fears its too late. If only that was her only problem.
The story of the fighting love between Calum hood and a girl called Amnesia.


1. Amnesia 1- Nesa, Only Nesa

The red truck puffed out gray smoke as it pulled up to the empty curb. Mike's Bar had shut it's doors hours before but Calum was always forgetting the closing time. He climbed out of his truck and walk up to the dark windows. He put his face to the glass and tried to find any sign that Ashton was still cleaning. He pulled at his dark drown hair as his matching drown eyes stared up and glared at the blinking sign above him as though it was the reason for all his problems. Very faintly he could hear excited cheering and the clapping of hands. But why they were cheering? He had no idea.

He sighed, finally pulling himself together and stopped glaring at the sign and clawing at his hair. He turned back to his car and took his keys out of his pocket. He pulled at the driver's handle only to find he had locked his door.

"Hey Hood!" The all too familiar voice startled Calum and caused his to drop his keys making them bounce under the car. From down the street he could see a black jeep slowly making its way forwards him. Hanging out the passengers side window was Albert Hidings.

His smirk was darker than the devil's and hard as stone. Calum's hand went to his right side where a ugly green bruise and small gash still remained from the last time he had seen Albert. Calum didn't always fear Albert, in fact they were very close only a month before, but now whenever he saw him he knew he was in for a punch in the jaw or a few kicks in the ribs.

Even though he knew it was a cowardly thing to run away from your fears, Calum was particularly done with the bullshit that had happened that day and a beating would only add to his misfortunes - so that's exactly what he did.

"Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going!" One of Alberts friends shouted. Calum thought it may have been Jared but didn't want to look back to find out. The slam of a few car doors caused him to speed up even more. He turned down the slim alley between Mike's bar and an old warehouse of sorts. He dashed down the alley and into a closed off dark pathway. There were buildings on every side blocking him in. He was facing the back of Mike's Bar trying to open the metal back door. Then his shadow appeared before him meaning there was a new light source behind him. He quickly spun around to see a man in his late forties.

"Hey man, are you looking for the ring? Cause I you got the wrong building." The cheers he had heard early seemed to be coming from that building and Calum was surprised he hadn't noticed it before. "Are you coming in or not? You can still bet on Amnesia. She's only half way through with her fight. This guy's a fighter though." The man chuckled and motioned for Calum to go inside. The man wasn't looking directly at him but at the fight instead. Calum walked inside and quickly stood against the wall.

What he saw appalled him. In the middle of the room was a girl would couldn't have been older than him wearing only a sports bra and shorts. It wasn't what she was wearing though - because Calum knew she looked great in that - it was what she was doing. She was drenched in sweat and her drown hair was swinging side to side in it's pony tail as she shuffled in a circle. Her eyes were focused on the other man in the center. He was twice her size and was full of muscle. He was smirking and seemed to be taunting her with the amusement clear in his eyes but she wasn't paying attention to his words.

Suddenly the man swung and hit her right in the jaw. Calum gasped while those around him cheered. The girl didn't fall to the ground and scream as Calum expected instead she hit the man's knee causing his to loose his balance. As he wobbled she sent her foot to his gut sending him falling onto the ground. The fight went back and forth between them even though it was obvious the girl was very intelligent and skilled and could win with fight due to her well thought out attacks the man was strong and was able to give her some pretty good punches and kicks. soon enough the man was too tired and beaten to keep going.

Calum stood wide eyed and jaw slack as the girl removed her mouth guard and spat a small amount of blood. Even though Calum had practically felt every hit she took she was showing no signs of pain. A man from the sidelines came and held up one of her arms indicating she had won. She cheered and turned around but when her eyes met Calum's her seemed to paused and looked frustrated. Calum saw the man give her a big stack of green paper that must have been money. The crowd of men went up in claps and cheers of "AM-NES-IA! AM-NES-IA!" So she was the Amnesia the man at door had spoken of, Calum thought.

To his surprise she was now walking his way. The crowd stopped focusing on her and instead on the two new men in the center.

Without saying anything she grabbed his wrist and tugged him out the door and into the night.

"Hey-what-why..." Calum stumbled for words he was too distracted by the small scars on her body topped off with fresh bruises and blood.

"You didn't belong there." She said flatly.

Calum was so confused. She was just fight a man three times her size and she was telling him he didn't belong there.

"What are you talking about?! You just got beat up by a grown man and had a crowd watching you!"

"I think you're forgetting I just walked out of that fight as the winner." She glared at him and scoffed. "I can hold my own in there but if they hadn't been paying attention to my fight they would have eaten you for dinner."

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Calum didn't understand why she suddenly dragged him away and then proceeded to insult him.

"You look wealthy enough," She said with a scrunched nose as her judging eyes scanned his body. "And I'm guessing you finished high school with flying colors and are now going off to college. Am I right?"

Calum was silent for a moment because everything she said had been true. His family had a good amount of money and he had been a great student in school. The only reason he was even living in this town was because his university was right outside it's borders. He finally realized that he must look stupid being silent instead of answering her questions so he settled with a simple answer. "There is nothing wrong with going to college."

"I never said there was." She said turning out of the alley where he had first ran from Albert. "But that doesn't mean everyone back there would be giving you a pat on the back and a few free drinks. They don't-"

"Amnesia!" A man a little ways to their left yelled. "I think you've got something for me!"

"Shit!" Amnesia said and tugged Calum's wrist. "Run!"

With that the two ran to the right. Calum looked back to see the man running after them fuming with anger. Calum stumbled slightly but kept running. "Don't look back at!" Amnesia scolded and sped up her pace. Soon they turned a corner and Amnesia grabbed Calum's hand and pulled him into a slim alley way.

They stood chest to chest breathing heavily. Amnesia put her hand against Calum's mouth to silence his pants. The man ran by them but they heard his footsteps stop. Their breathing caught in their throat. They heard him growl under his breath as he stomped his foot. It also sounded as though he threw something on the ground in his anger. Calum looked to see Amnesia with a small smile and silent laugh. Calum smiled too realizing that he had gotten out of being hit twice today and that him and Amnesia had out smarted the man.

They soon heard him stomp back they way they came, mumbling curses and her name. Calum nudged her and quickly pulled her across the street once the man was out of sight. Calum stopped in front of his house and grabbed the spare key stuck under the mailbox because his usual key had fallen under his car.

He pushed her inside and shut the door quickly. He let out a sigh and then chuckled. He saw her looking around his house. He had only bought it about six months ago but the walls were still bare and he hadn't really made it his - not that really wanted to anyways he would probably move out once college was over in a few years.

"That was interesting." He said and walked into the kitchen. He opened the newly stocked fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. "Do you want some victory water?"

"Victory water?" She asked with one eyebrow raised and stood by his table.

"It was a joke - I just meant - well we did run away from that guy and - Hey, you did win a fight so you must be tired I - not like you look out of shape - I'm trying to say that- you know what? Just take that water and I'll shut up." Calum gave her his water then put his face into the fridge to hide the blush that had made its way to his face because of his embarrassing rambling.

"Thank you..?" She with a small chuckle. "Look I just wanted to make sure you got home without being eaten by the men around those streets. But now that you're home I should get going. Thanks again for the water." She turned to leave but Calum jumped in front of her.

"You can't go home by yourself it's late and for a all I know you could be eaten on your way home. Do you have a phone to call someone?"

"No... Sorry I don't have it on me. I'll be fine by myself."

"Look, why don't you spend the night here. I can drive you where ever tomorrow morning when I get my car keys back. But as of now can you please just stay here?"

She looked up suspiciously. She knew that wealthy people only want more and more. She had already lied once to him because she knew he'd keep asking questions if he knew the truth and wouldn't understand.

"I have guest room with its own bathroom..." Calum said trying to convince her to stay. He really didn't want anything to happen to her - she wasn't bad company.

"Okay." Amnesia sighed. "Just tonight and then I want a drive to the hospital tomorrow."

Calum instantly got curious but knew not to ask questions. He'd met her an hour ago he didn't need to know her live story. For all he knew she could have a nursing job - though he highly doubted it.

He showed her to the guest room and gave her an extra tooth brush from the bathroom and setting an alarm on his phone for when he should wake her up.

"What's your name?" Amnesia asked feeling embarrassed that she had agreed to stay the night at someone's house whose name she didn't even know. She knew he was right about not going out alone at this time though so this was the better option.

"Calum Hood." He relied and went to shut the door.

"Do you want to know my name?" She instantly regretted her words because she thought they sounded desperate. She was just confused on why he wouldn't ask it only seemed fit to the conversation.

"It's Amnesia, right?" He asked with a crocked brow.

"Not exactly..." She trailed off. "Everyone calls me that in the ring other than that it's usually Nesa or 'hey, you!'"

Calum laughed "So Amnesia isn't your real name. May I asked who got Nesa out of Amnesia then?"

"My boyfriend, Blake, isn't the smartest." She joked. "He originally called me Amnesia like everyone else but then after this one night we were both drunk he got a sharpie and wrote 'Nesa' all over his walls and skin. He meant to write Nesia or something along those lines, I can barely remember myself. After that it kind of just stuck."

Calum had slightly sobered when she mentioned her boyfriend but still gave a laugh out of curtesy and it was a bit amusing. "Do you have a last name then Nesa?"

The smile slowly crumbled off her face and she looked at him with a serious expression. "No. It's Nesa, only Nesa."

Woah. Okay so first chapter! I really hope everyone enjoyed reading and PLEASE favorite this story because it would mean the world to me!! Also who is your favorite member of 5sos? One direction? The vamps? All Time Low? Okay, Calum and I both have a bit of a rambling problem lol. That's all! Happy readings!!

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