Mystical, someone who is not a human. They were born with powers, enhanced hearing, strength, speed. Some can control water, air, earth, fire, air etc. There are witches, trolls, and other types of mysticals. There is a war between the mysticals and humans that has gone on for hundreds of years. Avalon Suraf, who doesn't belong to the humans anymore or the mysticals, has to find a way to stop the war before either the mysticals, humans, or the world as they know it is eliminated


1. Prologue


    The wind had a silent sway. The trees completely surrounded our home and it was safe here. Yet, in my mama’s arms I am still the safest. She tightly hard her arms wrapped around me, but not tight enough to make me feel trapped. I was safe.

    She hummed to the rhythm of the wind. She leaned back and forward, cradling me in her arms. I tilted my head back, looking up at her, and in that moment I could see her bright eyes looking out into the night. The corner of her lips were slightly tilted up. They were a natural deep skin tone, almost a red. Papa would say that he was the luckiest man alive because he married a woman who had natural beauty, on the inside and out. 

    Anyone could look at my mama and in an instant smile. She would dance with the earth, and nothing could ever make her feel down or negative towards something or something. She truly was a free spirit. You could see her from a mile away, her crazy auburn hair that went in every direction. She had perfect, imperfect, curls. 

    “Mama,” my voice was just above a whisper.

    “Yes, my darling?” even her voice had a warm feeling to it. 

    “Will I ever be as beautiful as you?”

    She came to a slow stop and her arms around me loosened. I leaned forward and she quietly looked at me. She brought her hand to my chin and slightly tilted my head back. A smile crossed her face, and she leaned forward lightly kissing my forward. I felt her chest expand and she let out a deep breath.

    “My little Avalon,” she said, “You already defy my beauty and go beyond. Not only do you have a beautiful face but a beautiful soul. You look for the good in everyone and everything.”

    “So do you mama.”

    “Well, you really did learn from the best then,” a light chuckle escaped her lips. 

    “Papa, he doesn’t look for the good in everyone.”

    Mama’s smile changed slightly but she still kept it there. She light out a sigh and looked out into the trees. I moved in her lap so my back leaned against her. 

    “Your papa, he’s difficult, he is a very loving man. Sometimes though, he has a hard time expressing his feelings.”

    “He knows how to express his feelings towards a mystical.”

    “Avalon,” mama’s voice came out more stern. 

    “I’m sorry, but mama, he hates them.”

    “I know, he is just blinded by certain things hun. A lot of people are. Most people, they only hear one side of the story, and they don't bother to find out the other part of the story.”

    “So, what’s the story that papa knows?” 

    “Well, Avalon, it’s the story that everyone knows,” mama’s eyebrows came together and the lines on her forward slightly showed. She always does that when she is thinking about something hard.

    “All I know is everyone hates mysticals, in school they talk about how we have been at war with them for years, but they never give the full story about it.”

    “People, they feared and still fear of the powers that mysticals have. There have been some mysticals that use their powers to control and do things that are bad. A strong mystical, who was a wizard, he sought power. He killed people to try and become a king. People, they feared that he would gain this great power and take over. Bringing mysticals to the top and have the humans at the bottom. So, the humans started an army and killed any mystical that stood in there way. They feared that other mysticals would rebel, so they captured all mystical and depending on how much of a threat they were they either killed them or banished them,” mama’s voice sounded weak in her last sentences.

    “Why don’t you hate mystical?”

    “Saying that every mystical is the same, is like saying every human is the same. There have been people that have killed others. But you, me, your father, your brothers, we are not murderers.”

    Mama and I sat there looking into the night sky, the stars danced and the trees swayed with the wind. It was safe. The sound of the front door cracked open and papa stepped out onto the porch.

    “It’s getting late, someones bed time is coming,” he smiled looking down at mama and me. 


    “No buts young lady! Tomorrow is a big day, it’s your tenth birthday,” he laughed leaning down and grabbing me out of mama’s arms. I wrapped my arms and mama and pulled away from papa.

    “No! I want mama to lay me down in bed,” I cried into mama’s chest. I felt mama’s chest move as she let out a laugh. She stood up and i wrapped my arms around her neck and my legs around her body. I buried my face into her neck as she walked me into my room. She laid me down and I looked up at her.

    “I love you mama.”

    “I love you too Avalon, I love you to bits,” she kissed my forehead and walked out of my room, leaving my door open just a few inches. 

    I laid there in my bed, but a millions thoughts flew into my head. The thought of meeting an actual mystical, what would they be like and what would they be able to do. I don't know how papa would feel about it though. He would probably get really mad at me, but I bet mama could convince him that it’s okay. 

    My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices mumbling from the other room. I slowly got out of my bed and walked towards my door. I looked through the door crack and saw mama and papa standing by the front door. Mama was halfway out the door and papa was holding her hand. 

    “Elisabeth,” his voice was full of worry. 

    “Michael, I got word that my mother is ill, I need to go to her home. She needs my help, I will be fine. The walk is not that far at all. I only need to cross through the woods which I have done dozens of times. Please darling, I will be fine, and I will be back in the morning,” mama was close to papa. Her hand on his cheek and she smiled at him. Leaning forward she kissed his cheek and stepped back away from him.

    “It’s too late and the woods are not safe. What if you cross paths with one of those monsters!”

    “Michael! They are not monsters. They are mysticals, living beings. They are not all the same,” mama’s voice was harsh. 

    “I don’t want you going.”

    “You don't have any choice in this matter. Michael, I will be back in the morning. I love you my darling. I will bring sweets from my mom’s for Ava’s birthday. It will be lovely.”

    Mama pulled away from papa and his grip loosened on her hand. He watched her as she walked out the front door. Out of my sight, she disappeared, walking into the dark night. Papa stood there, his shadow lingering over the front door.

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