psychotic ➵ a.f.i.

"Mass murderer, he is." Greg muttered. "He kills people with his bare hands. My suggestion would be to avoid him at all costs, unless if you want to end up dead."


3. 0.3

- Eve -   Work has gotten more and more interesting. Every day, Ashton likes to tell me new random things and I have to ignore him. I'm being payed to do my job and talk to certain patients that have hope, not the least mentally stable in the entire institution.   Either way, Zachary has been getting on my last nerve. He's way too dependant. He doesn't even trust me with Ashton. He thinks that I'm going to fall for Ashton, a murderer... He even came to work one day, but I sternly told him that he wasn't allowed to come in. He made me take a video of the whole thing that day. It's really annoying how he doesn't trust me. He said the best of girls fall for the worst of guys. I'm not really "the best of girls" but I'm definitely not going to fall for Ashton. Ashton has murdered so many, and he's insane. He's just plain rude to me anyways. There is no way in one million years that I would fall for someone like him.   I started waking up at 8:00 am just to avoid Zachery's complaints. He wants me to quit my job. I'm the only reason that we're still living in this apartment, as my job pays very well. Every day, I get home to him complaining about it. Sometimes I want to kick him out just to show him how hard it is to live in the real world and find a good job, but I love him too much to do it. He just needs to learn more, and I'm willing to help him do so.   I took a quick shower and threw my hair up into a messy bun, kissing sleeping Zachery on the cheek, before leaving the apartment. As I walked outside, I spotted a shady group of people standing at the corner of the street and staring at me. Either they're up to something bad, or this job is really getting to my head.   They began to approach me and I sped up my walking.   "Hey lady! Wait up!" One of them shouted.   Frick.   I began sprinting as fast as possible. This has never happened. Nobody randomly talks to me from the streets.   "Why are you running?!" Another one yelled.   "Get away!" I screamed just as I unlocked my car and flew in. The men all gathered around my car so I couldn't move without hitting them. I quickly pulled out my phone and called the police   "911, what's your emergency?" A woman said into the phone. I began to explain the problem to her just as one man started to bang onto my window.   "You work at the asylum, right?" He yelled through the closed window.   My eyes widened and I dropped my phone. "Why?" I yelled in return.   "Give us the keys and we'll leave you alone!" He yelled back. I quickly picked the phone back up and explained to the lady what they wanted.   "What do they look like? Please stay calm ma'am. The police will be there shortly." She sounded a bit panicky. I observed the group for a moment.   "They're all wearing all black and have some kind of tag on the vest thing," I explained. "I believe that they say... AIC..." I described quickly.   "Oh my... They work for one of the biggest murderers in the world, Ashton Irwin..."   "HOLY HELL!" I yelped, "He's in the asylum I work at! No wonder they're after me!"   "Oh my... Please, protect the keys but stay safe. Please." She said just as I heard police sirens. All the men began to run in opposite directions and I sat in my seat, feeling extremely hopeless and frightened. The police got a few of the men, and some escaped. I sighed in relief as one walked to my car and helped me out.   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   "You look exhausted." Ashton commented as I walked into the asylum.   "Yeah, I am. You could tell your little gang to not bother me and maybe I wouldn't be so exhausted." I sighed.   "The AIC?" He asked, sounding quite hopeful suddenly.   "Yes."   "They're pretty annoying people." Ashton chuckled. "But I like how they get me out. I want to prove myself to the world. I want to be a better person, I just need a chance." He sighed, looking slightly sad now.   I stood up and walked towards him. "Really?"   "Of course. I hate what I've done."   "Then why do you keep doing it?"   "I already told you, I don't know. It's a sudden impulse of adreniline, and then suddenly someone else is dead." He sighed. I could've sworn I saw a tear stream down his face. He has emotions? "What have I done?"   "Ashton." I whispered.   "Why are you talking to me?" He suddenly snapped, anger filling up his eyes. Just a moment ago, he was an upset, sweet person. Now, his eyes seem to have filled with red, evil. He seems to be majorly bipolar or something. One second, he will be the sweetest most innocent man in the world, the next, he's the evil mass murderer that he is...   "You talk to me?" I shrugged, before beginning to walk past him.   "Wait..." He whispered, not so evilly. I turned back to see his sweet side again. he was sticking his index finger through the bars, for that was all he could fit. I walked back.   "What?"   "I haven't even touched another human being for months." He whispered. "Please?"   I sighed, feeling sorry for him. I raised my hand and put my own index finger up to his. It didn't feel cold and lifeless like I expected, he felt warm, caring.   "Eve." He whispered, sending shivers down my spine.   "Ashton." I whispered back.   What are you doing, Eve? He's just trying to get out. He's trying to make you feel sorry for him so he can get out. That's all he wants from you.   I sighed and pulled back. "I need to get on with my job."   "I like talking to you Eve." He said sweetly as I walked down the hallway. I took a deep breath and ignored him.   Maybe Zachery is right...
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