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"Mass murderer, he is." Greg muttered. "He kills people with his bare hands. My suggestion would be to avoid him at all costs, unless if you want to end up dead."


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- Eve -   "Welcome to our asylum!" The overly enthusiastic boss of this terrible donjon grinned while unlocking the doors to the dark, depressing building. "We take care of teenagers and young adults here. Many of them have had a rough life and have problems beyond repair, so we were instructed to keep them away from people. Your job, if you get it of course, will be to try to socialize with the few that have some hope of leaving. Many of them are extremely dangerous, but we won't put you with any of them and we will be watching when you're in the room. I assume you've been through training?"   "I have." I gave him a soft smile. He's a big talker, isn't he?   "Wonderful! I'll introduce you to all the hopeful patients." He grabbed my arm and pulled me through the darkened hallways. I caught a glimpse of teenagers pressed up against their barred windows staring at us. I heard some shouts and cries, but attempted to ignore them as I was trained to.   We visited some distressed looking teenagers that could barley talk, though they seemed a bit sane. It made me happy to know that I could be the one to help them be completely sane again and get them out of this terrible, dark place.   "And that is it!" My boss, Greg, smiled enthusiastically at me. "Would you like to look at anyone else?" I looked around the hallway and approached one room with even more extreme security than everyone else in here. I wonder why?   "Who's this?" I asked, not seeing anyone through the darkness.   "Oh, back up! That's Ashton Irwin. Have you heard of him?" He asked quickly. I backed up slowly.   Suddenly, a pair of wide hazel eyes appeared in the doorway. His eyes narrowed and he began to kick at the door in an attempt to get out. I yelped and jumped back.   "Don't worry! We have maximum security on him! He won't get out!" My boss chuckled slightly.   "Ashton Irwin..." I muttered while still staring at him. His eyes suddenly turned soft and he ceased to continue kicking at the door. I bit my lip in wonder. "I think I may have seen his name around actually." "Mass murderer, he is." Greg muttered. "He kills people with his bare hands. My suggestion would be to avoid him at all costs, unless if you want to end up dead."   "I can assure you that I'll stay away from him..." I muttered nervously. I took a moment to observe his features. He had glowing hazel eyes, truly handsome facial features, curly brown hair, and dimples. He wasn't smiling of course, but I could clearly see that he had dimples. He's absolutely adorable, but he's also a terrible person. He's murdered so many.   "Good. Anything else?" Greg asked.   "Umm, I don't think so!" I gave him my best fake smile.   "Wonderful! You got the job!" He grinned.   "Thank you!" I grinned back at him. This job pays very well, even as depressing as it may be.   "Your shift will start tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Please be on time! You just spend a minimum of 20 minutes with each teenager and when you're done, you can just leave. Here's the keys that unlock all the doors. I hope you have fun!" Greg rambled on.   "I'm sure I will!" I lied. "Thank you so much!"   "Anything for you." He smiled before exiting the asylum doors.   I hopped in my car and began to drive to my apartment. If Zachary is still there, I will probably end up physically beating him up.   Zachary is my ex boyfriend. Just a week ago, he came home from "work" with a girl. He was drunk too. Though, he can't blame alcohol on his actions because it was his decision to drink. He completely ignored me telling him to get her out of here and had sex with her in our bedroom. I slept in the living room that night. The next morning, I told him that he had until the next morning to move out. He was out of the apartment, yes, but he has come back to get more stuff every day since then. I'm getting a new lock tomorrow so he can't get in again.   I parked in the parking garage and walked up the stairs to room 37. Sure enough, Zachary was in the kitchen.   "Why are you here again?" I snapped while storming into the kitchen.   "I forgot all my cooking stuff!" He whined while staring at me.   "I don't care what you forgot, I told you that you had a day to leave and that includes having everything!" I shouted, heat building up inside of me.   "Well I'm sorry, okay?" He sighed. "Eve, I need you. I love you. I was so stupid to drink and do that. I truly am so sorry. You have no idea how difficult this week has been!" He began to tear up. "If you truly loved me, then you would remember that when you're drunk too." I growled. "I don't know what I was thinking." He sighed and face palmed. "I was so stupid. You're the best anyone can ever have and I ruined it. You have no idea how much I need you in my life. I'm dead without you. I mostly just lay around on the couch and shut the world out! It's not-"   "You always do that." I remarked.   "Maybe sometimes." He chuckled. "But seriously Eve. I never deserved you anyways. I'm just so screwed up." He sighed.   "You aren't screwed up Zachary." I whispered, feeling a bit pitiful for him.   "Yes I am." He muttered. "Would you prefer me dead?"   "Never!" I gasped.   "Then please, let me come back."   "How would you die without me?"   "Well, I have a gun. I have pills. I have-"   "Stop." I muttered, tears gathering in the rims of my eyes.   "Please?" He whispered.   I sighed. "Fine."   I'm going to regret this, but I'm basically being forced to take him back. There's nothing I can do about it. I would be basically killing him if I refused, and I could never live with myself knowing that. "I love you Eve." He muttered while pulling me into a hug and kissing me quickly. "I'll go get my stuff and bring it back."   "Okay." I sighed as he walked out the door. I plopped down on the couch and pulled out my phone. The whole day, that Ashton kid had been bothering me. He was just so scary. I decided to search his name. Immediately, hundreds of news articles came up regarding murders and him breaking out of asylums. My eyes widened in horror as I came across a familiar name.   He killed my cousin...   I was never close to Landon Johnson, but it was painful when we had to go to his funeral.   That's where I knew his name from...   I continued scrolling through articles until Zack got back.   "Hey babe, what are you doing?" He muttered while dragging a suitcase in. "Are you okay?"   "Yeah, just looking up something." I sighed. "Did I tell you that I got the job at the asylum?"   "I still think that's creepy." He chuckled.   I shrugged. "I met a mass murderer there."   "That's even more creepy."   "He murdered my cousin." I sighed while placing my phone back on the couch. "You unpack, I want to call my mom, okay?"   "Okay." He smiled softly at me. "Everything is going to be fine."   I thanked him before walking into the bedroom and calling my mother.   "Hey." I heard her voice through the phone. "Did you get the job?"   "Yeah!" I smiled. "and Zack apologized today and he actually sounded sincere. He's moving back in."   "Oh, great." She muttered sarcastically. She hates Zack.   "I love him mom."   "I know."   "So, I wanted to tell you something." I said. "You remember Ashton Irwin, that teenager that killed Landon?"   "Y-yeah? Why?"   "He's in the asylum that I'm going to work at." I gulped nervously. "But I don't have to work with him, thank goodness."   "That's so creepy!" She exclaimed. "Please avoid him at all costs. Please. He's extremely dangerous, and I can't have my only daughter die."   "I know mom, I will. I promise." I stated firmly. My mother rambled on and on but I felt my stomach drop more by the minute.   Why do I have an urge to go against that promise?   -------------------------   A/N: WELCOME TO ANOTHER ONE! I HAVE LIKE 500! Nah, only like 6 lol. Whatever. This one is going to be a bit darker and creepier than most of mine. I really hope you enjoy this! Just remember... This is fanFICTION and it is also an alternate universe!   I love you guys! likes and favorites are also really cute if you get my flowwww okay I'm sorry   ~ Marissa 💜
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