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"You, Ashton Irwin, have hair that I like to call 'unquiffable'"


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Ashton's POV   "I really don't think you need to come here every day Ash." Calum shrugged as he messed with my hair a bit. My heart absolutely melted as he called me 'Ash'. Plenty of people call me that, but it only sounds cute when he says it.   "Trust me, I do." I said in my most businesslike voice. I can't help but feel that my job doesn't fit my personality. "I'm a male model. I always have to be looking my best."   "Sir, you already do." He smiled into the mirror as he applied the hairspray.   My heart melted again. "Thank you sir."   "You're welcome." He chuckled softly as he fixed one of my curls.   I don't know why, but Calum is like my shelter. I love coming here. It isn't just to get my hair styled, but more to just talk to Calum. I feel like Calum and I could be great friends if it wasn't all about business.   "There you go, sir!" He leaned down to smile at me through the mirror.   "Thank you." I said while standing up.   He led me over to the check out area and stood behind the table. "Your total is $17.36 as usual, Mr. Irwin."   I handed him a $20 bill and told him to keep the change. He thanked me, then subtly, yet noticeably, caressed his arm.   I walked out of the shop only to be mobbed by teenage girls and the paparazzi. I go to Calum's Barber Shop every day, so the media had figured it out by now.   "ASHTON! PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR AUTOGRAPH! I ASK FOR NOTHING MORE! PLEASE!"   "ASHTON!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! CAN I HAVE A PICTURE?!?"   "ASHTON! IS IT TRUE THAT YOU TOOK BRYANA HOLLEY HOME?!?"   The shouts were deafening. I ignored them as usual and strolled past them, my security guards violently pushing peasants away from me.   I really don't like this kind of fame to be honest. I got into modeling because so many people told me that it would be the perfect job for me. It's nice to be a billionaire, but all the rumors and annoying people.   Don't get me wrong, I love my fans. It's just that they always mob me. It's really annoying. "Excuse us. HEY! YOU GET BACK THERE!" I heard my security guard yelp as someone's arms wrapped around me. I abruptly turned around wiggled out of their grip.   It was one of my teenage fans. Shocking.   "Wait!" She yelled as some police grabbed both her arms to hold her back. "NOOOOO!" She screeched as if it was the end of the world.   Now that, is an example of when being famous is annoying.   * * *   When I finally arrived home, I collapsed on the couch and pulled out my phone. This is like my daily routine. If I have no modeling events planned, I usually go to get my hair done, then relax for the rest of the day.   I started off by tweeting my inspirational quote of the day. I tweet one every day.   "Don't let anyone treat you like a cigarette. They only use you when they are bored and step on you when they're done. Be like drugs. Let them die for you."   I pressed the blue 'tweet' button in the top left corner, then continued to search myself on google. There are always new rumors about me, every single day. Today, it has been that I slept with Bryana Holley.   Bryana is one of my friends. She's very sweet to me, even though quite full of herself. Quite frankly, I would never do that with her.   My doorbell rang suddenly and I slowly lifted myself from the couch and approached the door. I opened it to face chocolate brown eyes with a darker skin tone. My heart skipped a beat as the slightly awkward smile on his face.   "Mr. Irwin, sir." He said awkwardly. "You left your bag at my shop."   "Ah yes," I smiled and stared into his eyes. "Thank you so much for bringing it to me." I said as he handed me the bag.   "No problem sir." He smiled.   "Well, since you're here, how about you stay for dinner?" I invited the shy and awkward Calum Hood.   "Uh, well I should be getting on my-" He started but I quickly interrupted him.   "Oh it's no trouble! If you have no plans, then I'm perfectly willing. You do plenty for me on a daily basis so I wanted to repay you a bit." I bit my lip awkwardly. Where did that come from?   "Um, okay." He smiled awkwardly. I opened the door fully and led him into my mansion.   He's very nice.   "So what would you like for dinner?" I asked him as we settled down on the couch.   "Oh sir, anything is fine." He smiled. "You're doing a lot for me just by doing this."   "What's your favorite food?" I bit my lip as he shrugged.   "Well sir, I-"   "Call me Ashton." I smiled. "It sounds better."   "Um, okay... Ashton... Well, my favorite food is probably going to be pizza." He chuckled slightly.   "Anna!" I yelled for my servant.   "Yes!" She ran into the room in which Calum and I were sitting.   "Can you order some pizza for us?" I said while motioning to Calum.   "Of course." She smiled awkwardly and ran back into the kitchen to retrieve the phone.   After a long and awkward silence, Calum finally spoke again. "Your house is beautiful."   "Why, thank you." I smiled and scanned around my living room. "It's one of the biggest houses in California."   "That's amazing." He smiled and admired the room around him.   "Thank you." I smiled and stared at him.   "Mr. Irwin! The pizza will be here in 10 minutes!" Anna called from the kitchen.   "Thank you!" I yelled back to her.   "Hey, thank you for doing this for me." Calum smiled.   "No problem." I smiled.   Why must he be so... Nice...   A/N: Welcome to another story.   I basically am writing this because I've seen this cover all around and everyone finds it funny so I thought I'd be that weirdo to actually make it.   Anyway, enjoy! I love you guys.   ~Marzia
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